The old adage that “THERE IS NO TRUTH IN ADVERTISING.” has of course been true in Spokane perhaps more than any other City in the United States.

As you can see from the image and link below the Chief of Police job in Spokane was advertised with the good old “OPEN UNTIL FILLED” wording. Apparently the Head Hunter wasn’t aware that in Spokane that language is almost never true, and probably should have read; “THIS POSITION WILL BE CLOSED WHEN WE DECIDE AND ONLY A VERY SELECT FEW WILL BE ALLOWED TO APPLY.”



The position is of course still open since the City Council was ready to reject Craig Meidl, and according to Councilperson Lori Kinnear, Mayor Condon “withdrew Craig Meidl’s name from consideration for appointment as police Chief” and according to her she in turn; “withdrew my resolution to confirm Craig Meidl as police chief at Monday night’s council meeting based on the fact that Mayor Condon withdrew Craig Meidl’s name from consideration for appointment as Police Chief.”


Councilperson Kinnear also stated that; “We are encouraging Craig Meidl to apply and be considered with the other applicants.”, I of course have asked her to clarify for me exactly who the “We” is because it would be nice to know who the recruiters are for the open position and whether or not other candidates will also be recruited… hopefully she will respond and tell me.


If Councilperson Kinnear does respond to me, one of the suggestions I would make to her is for whomever “We” is to head down to the Spokesman Review and recruit that Cpl. Clark fellow who meets most of the job requirements for the position, has a degree from EWSC, and has years of experience in evaluating and analyzing the Spokane Police Department. Since the position is still open IMO Cpl. Clark should be able to apply along with Meidl.


Spokane has become notorious through-out the US for doing things “THE SPOKANE WAY”, and of course this is another prime example. Most cities, would of course, re-hit the advertising that the position remains open in hopes of getting a good strong pool of candidates who didn’t previously apply for a number of reasons, including for example, they were strong finalists for the same position in other cities. Most cities knowing full well how important the Chief of Police position is to THEIR City would have the “We” hit the recruiting trail by making contacts with other cities who have recently hired a Chief of Police or have some finalists picked and see if Spokane could attract some of the quality candidates who applied in their city but weren’t chosen for one reason or the other. There are lots of cities in the US who have recently hired new Chiefs or are in the process of doing so. Poaching is allowed in this game.


One big caveat however is that Mayor Condon should not be included in the “We”. If you remember he did a rotten job of recruiting last time when he says he recruited Frank Straub to apply and as in this case paid no attention to the process, hired Frank Straub and brought us to where we are today.


Of course actually adhering to the way the position was advertised would make put out the hiring of a new Chief a little while longer, and as my nature anticipating that the selection process would end up being another example of “THE SPOKANE WAY” I was able to convince a former and respected SPD Chief to come out of retirement for the relatively short period of time to offer the stability the Mayor and Meidl keep saying it needs. In my conversations with my contacts at SPD about that happening they made it plain to me that my idea was “outstanding” and they had the utmost respect for my temporary candidate. Of course there are those including Craig Meidl who would not be on board because of this individual’s no nonsense, no politics, no militarization, approach to leadership.


I’m no dummy I knew that the only way I could convince him to take the temporary position was to be able to convince his long time boss of the importance of doing letting him do it, this fiasco put her over the top and she is now on board.


The CC knows this option is readily available to them and the Mayor and it offers the only legitimate alternative to continuing “THE SPOKANE WAY”, and really getting the right permanent Chief of Police. It would be very difficult for Mayor Condon not to agree since this guy was one of his original go to guys for law enforcement issues, and Condon has asked him to be involved in the various processes a number of times.


So there you go Mr. Mayor, and City Council… it is right there for you…now take it if you truly want a legit process and a top quality Chief of Police.




I just read this SR Story:

And noticed this:


Spokane Police Major Eric Olson said he also wanted to be part of the process, if the council reconvenes the interview panels.

“I am very interested in who is in leadership,” Olson said. “I want to have the right person in that chair.”


Here is the deal Eric, you have your Masters if I recall correctly so go ask the Mayor and City Council if you can apply along with Meidl if you feel you have the right stuff.


Ron_the_Cop…  is right with this one Eric, your very controversial political promotion should exclude you from being involved… and you gotta know I’m working on that issue. It would be better if you stayed out of it.











        1. Not true, and thanks for the email. I have never blocked anyone from My Blog and won’t unless they get really out of hand.
          I have blocked a few people on my Twitter site including the person in question but not because I didn’t want them to read my blog, which is easy to do without Twitter, because I really wasn’t interested in all the political things being posted by them.

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  1. No, no, no…the city can’t take your recommendation; it makes too damn much sense! The Spokane Way is the hard way, the wrong way, the long way, the way we do it around here. Now, back to the drawing board!

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