I have some stories in the can, so to speak, but have decided to wait until all of the pundits, experts, activists, and just plain Joe/Jane Blow’s try to get their 15 minutes of fame regarding the various law enforcement deaths at the hands of Cops or the African American Nut Case sniper in Dallas. If I wait for everyone seeking to get their 15 minutes of fame they would never get published but a little time is appropriate, especially since some deal with the biggest problem facing law enforcement and the public… lack of transparency, and political creep.

How soon we forget such notable Cop and People killing NUT CASES like The Weather Underground, Students for a Democratic Society, The United Federated Forces of the Symbionese Liberation Army, Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, Seattle Liberation Front, American Indian Movement, The Order, to name just a few. Who could forget such notables as, Michael Andrew Clark, Charles Joseph Whitman, Lee Boyd Malvo, John Allen Muhammad, Aaron Alexis to name just a few. Closer to home people forget other notables like Larry Harmon, and Dean Mellberg.


Since everyone seems to be anticipating some type of war to break out between Cops and African Americans…or whomever. Here are some facts to consider regarding our most recent NUT CASE in Dallas.


According to the FBI, between 2003 and 2014 the US averaged (51) Cops per year feloniously killed in the line of duty. The high was in 2011 with (72), and the low was in 2013 at (27).


If you want to look back further you can go all the way back to 1972 if you are so inclined, but here is a little data on the subject which may interest some.


1994 to 2003

Homicide 1992 to 2011





Draw your own conclusions regarding the data above…but try if you possibly can to keep things in perspective both ways.



***I have moved my Smith Corona to the Bunker and I’m trying to figure out where I buried all my weapons so I can move those to the Bunker, once that is done I’ll be set for The War, the only thing I ask is that someone come and get me when The War is over since cell phones likely will all be gone.





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