As is the case when it comes to Mayor Condon’s Administration the Spokesman Review refuses write any stories that look into exactly what is going on at the SPD. This June 8th, 2016 story regarding Condon/Straub Exempt Hire Timothy Schwering is just another example.

For just some of the background refer to these old stories of mine:



You might wonder how I knew that Schwering failed the SPD Civil Service Exam, sources obviously, and good ones, all corroborated, or it wouldn’t have been published in my stories. To provide confirmation for other media including the Spokesman Review it was one of the pointed questions I confronted Interim Chief Craig Meidl with during the Q & A I arranged with Meidl and Lundgren showed up for. Rachel Alexander of the SR was present and heard Meidl and Lundgren’s answers to my very pointed questions. One of which was a direct question by me to both as to whether or not sending Schwering to the Academy has created dissention in the ranks. The response was basically “Not that I’ve heard of.”, well nothing could be further from the truth. Meidl and Lundgren also emphasized that Lundgren’s “Major” position and pay was only temporary until Schwering returned to from the Academy and Schwering would resume his position. I didn’t believe it then and putting Schwering on the street confirms my disbelief. It also supports the theory that sending Schwering to the State Academy was a gratuity for a “Wannabe Cop” who Condon needs favorable testimony from. Schwering will be one of the key figures deposed by Mary Schultz, Bob Dunn, and other lawyers involved in the litigations against us caused by Condon’s putting his political future ahead of the people. Condon is now again putting the City of Spokane in jeopardy of yet another civil litigation by putting his and Straub’s crony Tim Schwering on the street, even though it is widely known that he FAILED the Civil Service Entry exam, as well as possible liability for passing over people who actually passed the Civil Service Exam yet were passed over for a crony who did not.
I covered the Meidl/Lundgren Q & A in this series of stories where I point out some very important truths about what is going on at SPD:


The Spokesman Review has chosen not to do stories on many of the things covered in that Q & A…the question is “WHY?” …Are stories being “Spiked” by editors or is it a matter of reporting staff just not wanting to take a stand against the ownership (Cowles Family) who are staunch supporters of the Condon Administration, have endorsed David Condon in his runs for Mayor, and back him heavily financially in his political aspirations?

Several things covered in the Meidl/Lundgren Q & A included pointed questions regarding Schwering’s very, very questionable handling of SPD Internal Affairs Cases, including ones dealing with Monique Cotton, Lydia Taylor, Brad Arleth, and many others.

One of the funnier responses I got during the Meidl/Lundgren Q & A, at least in my mind, was when I asked Lundgren pointedly why all of the public access to IA cases on “Schwering’s IA Website” had been removed since the posting of IA Cases was highly touted by the Use of Force Commission and COPS/DOJ. Lundgren’s response was; “I think you know why!” …well of course I did. Not only did those IA Reports contain personal information of individuals, including Brad Arleth and others, the release of which is against the law, they were also a treasure trove of information for people like me and others who know exactly how IA should work. Lundgren strenuously objected to the fact that I referred to the Website as “Schwering’s Website”, my response of course was “Well…his name is all over it!”

Schwering Website


Lundgren did finally state that the reason they were down was because “I’m reviewing all of them.”. It must be a hell of the job for Major Lundgren because as of today all of the IA Reports on Schwering’s Website are still gone. Keep in mind that all of the IA Cases were removed prior to the March 31st, 2016 Q & A with Meidl and Lundgren. I would speculate that we won’t see those cases back up anytime soon, especially given the various investigations being conducted on the Condon Administration.


IA Cases 6 9 2016


If you so choose you can go through all the BS in various media reports about the Exempt Hiring of Tim Schwering including Nina Culver’s story. “Schwering, a former fraud investigator with the federal public defender’s office, was hired in 2013 as a civilian.”. To be clear…Schwering was never a “Fraud Investigator” with the federal public defender’s office. He has never initiated a fraud case nor has he initiated an asset seizure. Schwering was hired at the federal defender’s office as an IT person NOT an investigator. A shake-up in staff including the investigators at the federal defender’s office during Roger Peven’s tenure allowed him to do some DEFENSE INVESTIGATIONS where some of his conduct came into question. I wonder how Schwering likes the fact that his involvement in the Edgar Steel case still comes up on various websites.

If you are interested in the evolution of Tim Schwering at SPD you can start with the original announcement of his hiring here at the link below, then go through his various promotions, and added responsibilities documented in subsequent press reports to where we are today, with Schwering on the Streets of Spokane as a Cop.

*** You also might find the comments made to the above 2013 story interesting.


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  1. Wow Brian, that is some interesting HSS facts that you keep us updated on. I appreciate your reporting and your truthfulness, you are a huge asset to the community, even though a lot of people do not believe that. Thank you again for all you do!

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