In today’s Spokesman Review;





It would appear that Stacey Cowles’s Editorial Board is attempting to pave the way for their endorsee Mayor Condon to choose a new Chief of Police from within SPD contrary to the recommendations of the “Police Leadership Advisory Committee (PLAC). Of note is that Jim McDevitt and his friend Ken Hohenberg left the PLAC in a huff, but only after the recommendations they obviously approved of were presented to Mayor Condon. So it would appear the SR doesn’t agree with the PLAC, including McDevitt and Hohenberg, which doesn’t make sense when you consider previous editorials, and columns by their own staff which seem to conflict with this Editorial.


I’m wondering who the Mayor and the “King Makers” (old days’ term for the Cowles Family) have in mind to promote from within the SPD? Surely not Craig Meidl, even though he was Councilman Mike Allen’s favorite, I would think there might be too much baggage there even beyond the “Salute”. I would think that Tim Schwering would cause some real problems if he were given the job when he graduates from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy, which many folks think is the Condon plan. So I wonder who the Editorial Board and Mayor Condon have in mind. Of course every Brass at SPD is bucking for the job now but I wonder who got someone’s ear, or if they did.


I know if an outside Chief with some backbone came in and said that all the costly programs Condon and Straub have put in place, including the Precinct Model, do nothing to help the SPD mission of protecting the Community it would be a big embarrassment for some, but does that really matter?


I know the SR folks read this Blog but maybe because I don’t have a Journalism Degree they don’t take much stalk in it, or perhaps they are hoping I’ll give up the fight…who knows?










  1. The Sled~Review attempts to disregard you because you demonstrate how inept THEY are at reporting; a once ‘swell’ paper has been reduced to being blog baby sitters for Slednek and his merry band of liars, frauds, and fellow failures.

    Had to chuckle when I recently saw an actual copy of the dead tree version of the Sled~Review. It is so small nowadays, shrink, shrank, shrunk; stink, stank, stunk.

    Thanks for all of your efforts to keep us mere mortals informed, Buff!

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    1. It looks like they are going to all most all online. Funny to see news stories in Blogs and not in the paper.

      I kind of enjoy watching them delete people that aren’t me.

      It is funny the SR has banned and blocked me yet I get calls and emails all the time from other media including national media folks. It should be interesting. There should be something cool coming out this week that proves all the points I have been making for years now.

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      1. I can hardly wait to see what the “something cool” is…

        The Sled~Review has killed more than one of my former accounts because I dared to agree with you or upvote one of your comments; can’t get more thin skinned than that. They vigorously oppose the truth and truth tellers but embrace and protect the uninformed opinions of liars like Andrew.

        Wonder how low their rate of subscription can go?


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