Well…apparently Tim Schwering, Mayor Condon and Frank Straub’s exempt hire who has been in charge of the Internal Affairs Unit during all of the SPD fiascos, was sworn in as a Spokane Police Department Officer today, even though there may be some problems with respect to the SPD entry exam. Information from sources and documents I have obtained indicate there could be some problems. I have emailed both Schwering and Dobrow requesting comment on my information however they have not responded in any way so it could get interesting. I might add that his move is part of the political games going on at SPD.


      1. If you feel harassed by the comments Andrew Scheldt has been making please advise. Although Andy Scheldt is judgement proof his employers are not, if the harassment is taking place during work hours. The employer must be warned, and they have been on one previous occasion however lawyers recommend a second warning, which I will have taken care of, please advise.

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