I am providing an update to one of my recent stories, not only for the benefit of my readers but also for Councilman Fagan who needed more information.


Some are probably wondering why Mayor Condon accepting money from John Stone back in 2010 when he was an aide to Cathy McMorris-Rogers has anything to do with today’s recent news. The truth is that I am working on some other stories which have a direct relationship and some recent news stories involving the Mayor also make the 2010 issue pertinent. To be clear this is what Investigative Reporters do it is part of establishing background and perspective when it comes to their stories. I should point out that the Spokesman Review was provided this same information back in 2012 but for some reason decided not to report on it even though it had a direct relationship to some of the stories they did write.


I have again requested the Mayor comment, or provide me an interview opportunity. The Mayor never responded to my first request, hopefully he will this time.

BB to DC



When you are doing the type of reporting I do you CANNOT rely solely on the documents you can obtain from Government Websites, you have to get copies of the actual documents which I have done for this issue. At this point whatever “Consulting” Mayor Condon did back in 2010 it was for a non-revenue front company for another non-revenue back company, so it is difficult to understand exactly what type of consulting the Mayor would have done…hopefully the Mayor will fill us in.

Captain Jack, LLC 001


Non-Revenue Captain Jack, LLC

Non-Revenue Captain Charlie, LLC




A story about “THE COPS THREAT”, but you will find it might not be what you think from the headline…this may give you a hint!




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