More False Accusations from Sled!

Of course anyone can make up anything they want to on the Spokesman Review Comments Section, and many people do, the SR Staff allows it and deletes people who try and rebut false accusations that are made by some who try and get people to think they are the victims of something, of course that is the SR’s choice it is their website, but when someone makes several false allegations like the one below there comes a time when someone has to put a stop to it.


To be clear I did make a call to Andrew’s place of employment this AM and spoke with Ms. Gumere to obtain contact information for the right folks to handle the situation. Sometimes you just have to put aside how innocent young kids might be affected and just do the right thing.


I wanted to report this before Andrew comments on his favorite website claiming I called twice to harass him.

Garland Tavern Call

Response to Sled Garland

Andrew even went so far as to falsely accuse me of calling other peoples work.

Not the only one called at work


11 thoughts on “More False Accusations from Sled!

  1. Good phone call, Buff! Sled has stopped posting continually, all day long from work. But he still reads and upvotes posts by his pals Chuck Tingstad and Shelia Chase. Guess he doesn’t know that even upvotes are timestamped and are proof he is still stealing time from his employer? He’s an internet idiot, too addicted to his own hype and lies to do the correct thing even for eight hours while at work. I feel sorry for his employer and coworkers.

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      1. I saw that accusation before the thread got removed by Sled’s protectors and the ever vigilant and always ready SledShelia~Review censors, aka moderators. When will that boy ever learn, when you mess with the Buff you get the horn!

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        1. I’m just don’t like being falsely accused of crimes…four or five times by the same jerk! I wonder how some of his defenders that think “no one cares” would like it? I bet they would care if some lying scum falsely accused them of crimes. If he had a pot to piss in I’d own the damn pot…or another judgement against him!

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  2. Funny stuff on here. I don’t think this guy has a life. Pretty sure the Jokesman is his social circle and that he feels threatened by anyone who threatens his dominion on that site. His life is probably smoking cigarettes and jumping out of bed in the morning to look for an argument and somehow angle it back to himself or another aspect of his life so he can portray the victim….again.

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  3. Dunno why you waste bandwidth on this clown. He’s apparently fixated on the idea that you’re the reason that his screws are loose.

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    1. I don’t like to be accused of crap I didn’t do. Once or twice I can put up with…but 4 is enough for me to take action. He doesn’t have a pot to piss in but principle outweighs money sometimes. BTW AB trapped me into a presentation about what I do here…should be fun.

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      1. Always the victim, always!
        With all the time he wastes on the SledShelia~Review, I am surprised that he even has a job; hours out of each day are stolen from his employer by his posting and arguing on a website instead of turning wrenches. The only victim here is his boss and their bottom line. He should be fired.
        Keep after ’em, Buff!

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          1. I’d never take a vehicle of mine to that shop and would advise friends/family of the same. If the floor manager can not keep the wrenches in line, there are many other things that they are not doing.

            Does not reflect well on a business to have one of their employees on a web site all day long, during business hours, running down other people for merely expressing their opinion. Imagine what Sled could do to a car with a Trump bumper sticker on it! I mean, the way he attacks anyone supporting a conservative stance, it would not be out of the realm of possibilities for him to sabotage someone’s car.

            He needs to dial it back a notch and stop stealing time and money from his boss. What a putz!

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