SRX_MEETING_001_TT_JPG_t1140 TYLER TJOMSLAND Jim McDevitt, director of law enforcement, center, listens to citizen concerns on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, at the Spokane Public Library in downtown Spokane. (Tyler Tjomsland / The Spokesman-Review)


When I saw the above photo in today’s SR, I thought to myself what a pictorial on why I’m here and doing this. The photo really tells it all about the continued downhill slide of the Spokane Police Department, and exactly why it continues to slide.


The picture depicts Mayor Condon’s choices to run the SPD after his awful decision to hire Frank Straub. The man on the left is Interim Police Chief Craig Meidl of among other things the infamous “Salute” fame. On the right James McDevitt, who has been Mayor Condon’s go to guy on law enforcement issues even before Condon took office, and actually helped to bring us such luminaries as Frank Straub and Selby Smith. I have written some stories about McDevitt but those stories only scratch the surface of McDevitt’s time in Spokane.


It seems that when McDevitt becomes involved in any issue there is controversy, including his “Independent Investigation” of DSHS which resulted in the hiring of his friend (perhaps another day).


I really have to wonder if Condon’s made up position of Director of Law Enforcement is simply a ploy to keep the lid on. As I reported earlier McDevitt’s appointment will not be approved by the City Council, and it will be another matter of the Mayor trying to find a way for a back watching scenario.

Although Mayor Condon would like the public to believe he is cooperating in the City Council’s Investigation the reality is that he isn’t, as this Inlander story points out.


If Mayor Condon really wanted to cooperate he as the Head of ALL Public Employees working for the City of Spokane would invoke Garrity vs New Jersey and compel them to talk, Attorney’s just like Cops can be compelled to provide testimony/statements.


Look at McDevitt’s statements in the SR Story…. Boy are we as Citizens in big trouble.



“McDevitt said he has come to realize that unless you walk in someone’s shoes, you can’t understand them.”


The shoes that Jim McDevitt has walked in all of his life, never had holes in them. You don’t need to walk in someone’s shoes to understand them, you have to be willing to put aside your prejudices and actually listen (LULU). One pair of shoes McDevitt has NEVER walked in is a Cop’s shoes.


“I’m open,” he said. “It’s part of the journey, part of the learning process.”


There is only a learning process for those willing to learn, and you can’t learn what you should have learned long ago in four short months.



His intent was not to endorse racial profiling but to point out that it exists, McDevitt said. He blamed having to repeatedly shorten his opinion piece for its lack of clarity.


There is always someone or something to blame, somehow around here there is always someone or something.


“McDevitt invited people to meet with him about their concerns.”


Rule number one for people contemplating a meeting with Jim McDevitt. Always have more than one witness present or get permission from him to record the conversation.

McDevitt me comments


Jim McDevitt…If you really want to help the Citizens of Spokane and SPD…GO FLY YOUR DAMN PLANE!!!

McDevitt retire





6 thoughts on “IT NEVER ENDS!!!

  1. Nice write-up. Sure has that intimidating look in the picture doesn’t he. The City politics is just sad and it just can’t right itself (like a boat taking on water).

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