For folks not up to speed on new technology, and the laws surrounding new technology, including our gal Sheila Chase, of “I lost my inheritance to the EPA.” fame. This Law Enforcement pushed Bill is the direct result of the Attorney General’s Opinion. As far as adding oversight is concerned and the Public’s Right to Know it goes a long way toward making it more and more difficult to access body camera video.


If the Governor doesn’t veto it, and we end up being stuck with it, hopefully the Washington State Supreme Court will take it up quickly.


Matt Shea is opposed to the Bill, but he isn’t the only one, a lot of liberals are too. It is common for commenters on the SR website not to have a clue about topics and comment anyway, but had the story gone into more detail about the Bill’s ramifications the comments may have been different…or than again maybe not!



Sheila Chase BC Bill

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