Well…No claim of the “Ongoing Investigation Exception” but close!!


We continue to work on your request, and I anticipate providing you another update on your request in approximately 45 days, or on or about April 8, 2016.



TP One


TP Two





My Response:


My TP Response









Terri Pfister:


Also, attached are records that were previously released under the Spokesman’s August 18, 2015, records request (copy attached) and which may be considered responsive to your records request.



Well…hell yes they were, and if I had them, when I should have, I would have reported lots of interesting stuff that the SR did not!!!



Here is some of the “previously released” records I didn’t get:


I am just going to hit a couple of highlights from the records I just received. The City Council members that read my stories should take note and especially Council President Stuckart it was his City Ordinance that was passed.




“McGregor has an IP camera on Dutch Jake park”

What is an IP Camera? You can buy your own here if you want!


Who is McGregor? He is a member of a little known SPD Unit.




“TARU” (Technical Assistance Response Unit) (Located in Basement of PSB – Public Safety Building) Director Tim Schwering 625-4109 // 385-5833 cell Unit Manager – Kyndrin Tenny (Sr Analyst) ( 625-4092 795-4582 ASSIGNMENT NAME IDA PRSNL # PHONE CELL F 8/6 (Desk Top Computer Specialist) MCDONALD, SEAN 722 625-4149 (ON CALL) 768-3143 F 8/6 MCGREGOR, JOHN I458 060 363-8220 370-2122 SS 0730-1530 (Administrator for RALEIGH, ERIN TARU3 605 625-4120 869-8910 Patrol Laptops, SREC (Radio), CAD, Cell Phones, Fleet) F 8/6 (Programmer Analyst) SEIDEL, CHRIS 865 625-4107 216-1034 M 8/6 (Body Camera/Taser) SNIDER, RYAN TARU2 486 625-8225 863-6597




This one is funny to me. I have pointed this out before, and all of the Spokane Media folks know that if the SPD or SCSO want positive press there go to guy is Jeff Humphrey from KXLY, whose son is a SCSO Deputy. So Jeff Humphrey gets lots of early and inside tips. This text message says it all.

To be perfectly clear there is absolutely nothing wrong with a mainstream media reporter developing information sources. You just have to use caution that your own biases don’t interfere with your reporting. Although in my opinion I sometimes see what I consider a hint of bias on Humphrey’s part, IMO overall he offers a fair perspective, and there is no question he does make some local reporters jealous.


FYI Jeff Humphrey has been notified about warrant tomorrow and will call Lydia for details on where to meet at 1pm. Torok, you suggested Gardener? He knows nothing more than that we are serving a warrant.



Terri Pfister:


Records located on City Administrator Theresa Sanders personal cell phone have previously been made available to you.  We are still in the process of reviewing the data from the City issued phones of Griffiths and Williams.



Yes, Terri but I still don’t have a Nissen Affidavit from Sanders, or Condon, or Fire Chief Williams, and the others and by golly it has been quite a while.




Included on the last page of Terri Pfister’s second email from yesterday was a copy of Frank Straub’s response to her shotgun email after my email back in September of 2015.

Since Frank Straub is no longer with the City I’m sure we will never see a Nissen Affidavit from him. Also since he is gone from the City there is no way of getting him to cooperate with the City Council “Independent Investigation”. You might recall while he was Chief of Police here in Spokane he refused to cooperate with a similar investigation being conducted in Indianapolis. The question of course is; Was Frank Straub being truthful in his email to Terri Pfister, back on Wed, 16 Sep 2015? It doesn’t look that way!




–Forwarded Message Attachment– From: To: CC:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Re: Public Records Request Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 15:27:44 +0000

As previously indicated I do not have any personal emails, phone messages or text messages related to this matter Sent from my iPhone

On Sep 16, 2015, at 7:25 AM, “Pfister, Terri” <> wrote:

Passing along Mr. Breen’s email below.



Terri L. Pfister, MMC | City of Spokane | City Clerk

808 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard, Spokane, WA  99201-3342

509.625.6354 | fax 509.625.6217 |


From: Brian Breen [] Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 5:57 PM To: Pfister, Terri Subject: RE: Public Records Request


Ms. Pfister,   Thank you for your response. I do however want to be clear that my request includes both City of Spokane owned and privately owned email, text messaging, or any other communications systems or methods used at any time for conducting public business. I also want to be clear that a search should be done of any and all independent server or storage systems beyond the Enterprise Vault System, and that the records search complies with the recent Washington State Supreme Court Decision concerning Nissen v Pierce County. Please also understand that my request is for any public information concerning the movement of Monique Cotton from Director of Communications at the Spokane Police to the City of Spokane Park Department.   Sincerely,    Brian R. Breen _______________________________________________________



I also received copies of toll records that apparently a Reporter names Erickson requested some time ago. The is lots of good information in those toll records but my suspicion is that once the reporter got the documents he looked at them and said “Holy Crap…what do I do with all this!”. I wonder if I’ll get a call from someone wanting to borrow my link analysis software?







3 thoughts on “PRR UPDATE…FEBURARY 26th, 2016!!!

  1. ☀️ Hello Mr. Breen 😇
    I have been following your news blog and it really has provided me with valuable information as I see you are experiencing the same issues with your Public Records Requests as I am while dealing with Ms. Pfister. I have submitted several PRR & have gotten the run around, responsive records that are improperly redacted including several individuals names who are apparently involved in the criminal conduct being conducted at the courthouse which is clearly racketeering by sworn officers of the court. I was provided responsive records that had viruses on them and in scrambled format it’s beyond appalling undermining the publics right to know. I wanted to share a few of the PRR responsive documents from Ms. Farnsworth and Ms. Pfister. You are right in the money when you report horrible work product related to redactions in PRR and with holding records or concealing information that may shed bad light on any of the local agencies. I get the same improper exemptions as you do but what’s interesting is the mistake that was made in one of the responsive records. I am waiting for a responsive record involving Detective Stacy Carr and her botched investigation but filing suit in an adjacent county for that responsive record may be my only remedy. It appears that what is being covered up here is prosecutorial misconduct and perjury committed by Detective Stacy Carr fraud which I find it interesting that detective Carr is assigned to investigate reports of fraud. What I find disturbing is the fact that I made a police report regarding the fraud that was being committed by the opposing drunken attorney and her Judical Friend and upon following up on that police report the police front desk transferred me to none other than Detective Carr who told me she would not be investigating the fraud I had filed a police report attached with supporting evidence that fraud is being committed. If you would be so kind to maybe text me I assume you still have my contact info and I’ll shoot over a picture of what PRR document I am referring to 📋 Thank You very much keep up the good work!! 🔍

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