Funny Story Today McDevitt, Condon, and Dobrow!

This story, including the nice guy letter written by Condon has to be the height of political stupidly, for a number of reasons including McDevitt’s involvement with Straub’s hiring, Selby Smith’s hiring, and both of their Certifications as Washington State Law Enforcement Officers.


Here is but one example where Dobrow expressed publically his interest in the permanent Chief of Police Position. He of course has privately as well.



How long do you plan to stay in this position?  As long as the mayor wants me to be here. If I was asked to stay on a more permanent basis, I would commit to that. There is way too much at stake to not take an opportunity that I’m given to lead an organization that is just a few clicks from greatness.


Dear Mayor’s Transition Team Member,


As someone who is actively engaged with the city as we endeavor to become the safest city of our size, I want to keep you updated on the Spokane Police Division.


During 21 years with the Spokane Police Division, Rick Dobrow has served Spokane with a dedication, compassion and professionalism that we should all strive for. Rick earned the medal of valor in 2002, Chief’s Citation in 2003, employee of the quarter in 2006 and Purple Heart in 2007.


Last summer, Rick initiated the process for retirement. He agreed last fall to stay on at my request to serve as interim chief. After much thought and consideration about the Police Leadership Advisory Committee’s recommendation to establish a minimum educational requirement for the next chief, Rick has decided to follow through with his original timeline. His retirement will be effective March 1.


This afternoon, I will name former U.S. Attorney Jim McDevitt as law enforcement director to oversee the Spokane Police Division during a national search for a permanent police chief. McDevitt, who is serving as a member of the committee advising on the search for a new chief, will work on a contract with the city for approximately four months.


McDevitt was the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington from 2001 through 2010. He was one of three members of the Spokane Regional Criminal Justice Commission, which authored, “A Blueprint for Reform” and appointed by the governor to the state Clemency and Pardon Board for which he serves as vice chair. 


Please join me in congratulating Rick on a tremendous career and thanking him for his service. Let me know if you have any questions.




 David_Condon_Sig_email (2)


David A. Condon



So why is Dobrow an under the busser and McDevitt in to backstop? Could it be the “Independent Investigation”? Let us all hope that the Independent Investigator gets Dobrow’s sworn statement before he leaves City Employment because he has a lot he could tell.

I will have quite a bit on this later, as the Mayor and James McDevitt well know.



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