For stopping the continued deterioration of the Spokane Police Department is the City Council. If they don’t act now, take a stance, and undo their past mistakes we are all in trouble.

Over and over during the arguments concerning the change to the “Strong Mayor” form of City Government people continually brought up the possibility of corruption and cronyism what we see now is an example of many people’s fears back then.

The Condon train wreck as far as SPD is concerned can only be stopped by our elected City Council. Mayor Condon is unwilling to admit he and Straub’s vision for SPD was a complete failure, so it is up to the Council to derail the train wreck before it gets any worse.

I would hope both my Conservative and Liberal readers will take the time as I have to write or email the Spokane City Council demanding they act, put political ideology aside on this one and consider the interests of the entire community!


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Can't say you werent warned!


2 thoughts on “THE ONLY HOPE LEFT!!!

  1. That’s a well crafted letter, Buff. I will follow suit and contact my reps on the council but I have to say – I know I am wasting my time. This council signs off on expenditures that they don’t understand, they have members on city boards that do not have a grasp of the subject matter, they have yet to use their power of subpoena to compel, and other than that family leave/sick leave issue have pretty much gone along with the city hall agenda.

    I attended several of the dog and pony shows back when Condon and Straub were still in the honeymoon stage of their bromance. And our council members were at those shows, too. They heard the city testimony, they observed our objections, and yet….where did we end up? Sold down the river and left with the facade of police over sight, an ombudsman process with no power to do truly independent investigations, body cams in conflict with an ambiguous law, precincts, and a city council unable to fulfill our city charter and the demands of citizens to have the means to hold to account law enforcement officers that are alleged to have violated citizens’ civil rights.

    And don’t forget, we voted to amend the city charter. The process that the city has set up to fulfill that amendment is not what we voted for; it is over sight in name only.

    Thanks Buff

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    1. Boy do I agree. This is their chance to prove they actually care about the condition of SPD.

      On a side note it is unbelievable the amount of info people have been sending me on Sled (Andrew Scheldt) including ex women friends. It seems there are a lot of other things he doesn’t do besides VOTE and lies about. I wonder what his phone records will show on the amount of calls he has made to the SR Mods. 🙂

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