That is unless you want to go to the SPD website, fight your way through a disorganized and cumbersome list of IA cases that are structured to keep the public and the media from finding what they want, and actually locate the case pertaining to this story.


Here is the entire IA Report for my readers to study and make up their own minds regarding whether or not the SR story truly reflects what was in the IA report.


One of the many things that might be of interest to you is who the Guild representatives were that were present during Conrath’s formal IA Statement (Gosh I wish these cops would learn the proper way to take statements).

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I continually see SPD violating the Public Records Act when they release documents to the Public. In this case they publicly released the name of the husband as well as his identifiers which is in violation of the Public Records Act. As a point of interest the Spokesman Review on a number of occasions has linked un-redacted documents they received from SPD on their website. Each time I caught it I would call or email them and tell them to redact them or take them down. I had one funny email exchange between Alison Boggs regarding one of the linked SPD documents that I have copies of and my final response to her was “Okay your call but I would talk to Swinton.” It was eventually taken down.


I did consider for a while whether or not to provide a copy of the IA Report because it does list the husbands name and identifiers, but came to the conclusion that I didn’t make it public SPD did so The husband can take it up with SPD.


When you read these IA cases it is always interesting to note who was on the Review Board that made the discipline recommendations. Some media outlets keep track of that type of information so they have a history of the review boards and the decisions made by those individuals.





When you read the IA Report scroll down to the original “Incident Report” and notice that there is a small box marked “Confidentiality” just to the left of each address section. That little box is required by the Public Records Act, and if you are making a police report or are named in a police report as a victim or witness make sure that you tell the cop you want your name and all your identifiers to remain confidential and NOT released to the public. If you don’t take it upon yourself to do it and are adamant about it the cops won’t do it. The same is true if you are caught in a situation where you are on body camera video, make sure you tell the cops on tape that you DO NOT want the video released to the public. This fact is something you will never hear from SPD or the other media.





      1. Ha.
        The one time she had someone dead to rights and she passed up suing?
        Go figure.

        I know, should I be unfortunate enough to interact with law enforcement, what to do to try and ensure that my personal info is redacted. Thanks to your post.

        Thanks, Buff!

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  1. Thanks for posting the IA material. I have read through the entire doc cache once and need to read it again.

    It is great to have the documents, sans the editorializing and narrative shaping of the Sled~Review. Thanks for putting this up, Buff.

    Must say, just from first read, the interrogators are terrible at posing questions. It’s not like they don’t get plenty of practice, either! Also unimpressed with the officer’s knowledge of how orders of protection are made. He OBVIOUSLY needs more training there.

    Also struck by the persistence of the cuckolded husband AND the history of husband/wife’s histrionics as well as their seeming continual use of police resources to weigh in on their marital battles. Good grief!

    Thanks again, Buff!
    Inquiring minds want to know!

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    1. I think it is good for people to actually read those reports and at least have some knowledge base before they comment. The husband might very well be a jerk but I still object to SPD releasing his identifiers in violation of the PRA, it makes me wonder why they did it. There are some things in there that I’ve tried to explain over the years including Garrity Rights that I hope people look at. I would have handled the statement differently, but that’s just me. I hate it when I don’t see the proper closing on formal statements, your run into the same problem when it isn’t there that came up with Karl Thompson’s statement…hell it is only a few sentences you would think they could memorize them.

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