As I have mentioned in previous stories when you do a PRR inevitably other issues arise that really make one wonder exactly what the real stories are. In the most recent PRR Document Dump I received along with all the other media I have found many interesting things, and this is just one that the public should know about.

The following are copies of email strings between Nancy Isserlis and Lt. Mark Griffiths that seem odd to me. But you should draw your own conclusions as to whether further follow-up is needed.

On 3/19/2015 at 10:02 AM Lt. Mark Griffiths of the SPD Special Victims Unit sent this email to a number of individuals including members of the East Spokane Business Association.


Insert 1



On 3/19/15 at 10:04 AM; Isserlis responds to Griffith’s email stating “Excellent. Hopefully I don’t know any of the three”


Insert 2






At 10:14 AM Griffiths responds; “You never know. It’s a small town.”


Insert 3


At 10:20 AM Isserlis responds; “I knew several on the list from the massage parlors in Airway Heights….”



Insert 4




The following morning Isserlis emails Griffiths and Frank Straub stating this; “This morning, I put Lynden Smithson, assistant City prosecutor, on paid administrative leave. his cases will be reassigned until further notice.”


Insert 5







We shall see what happens.


Smithson PRR Image









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