I have submitted a Public Records Request to the City in an effort to determine why Lynden Smithson was placed on paid administrative leave by Nancy Isserlis, so hopefully we will find out at some point.

Smithson PRR Image


Another email I found interesting in the PRR Doc Dump was this email from Lt. Mark Griffiths, to a number of people including Nancy Isserlis dealing with the important issue of “Human Trafficking” and the approach his Unit was taking.


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The link below will help you to get to know some of the players associated with this entire affair (no pun intended), including Lt. Griffiths, Lynden Smithson, and even Regina Malveaux a Howard University Grad and close friend of Rachel Dolezal, who defended Dolezal throughout that little episode of the Condon Docudrama.




What the above press conference tells us, among other things, is that Nancy Isserlis did allow Lynden Smithson to return to work from paid administrative leave to prosecute cases in with the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Team. My PRR does request all documents concerning his return to work as well.





Well at some point you knew it was coming… “We need MORE MONEY!”. It was just a matter of WHEN.

Keep in mind this program has never been evaluated and we don’t know if it is another one of the Straub programs that feels good, and sounds good but may not be a good use of staffing…we just don’t know.

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Before the City and SPD start handing out any more money for Condon’s and Straub’s failed programs, this needs to be done and done properly.



Recommendation 10.5

SPD should conduct a staffing analysis to determine if the department is meeting its operational needs and has an adequate amount of staff to ensure its continued mission, objectives, and community policing principles.

SPD should conduct a staffing analysis. This analysis should follow the workload-based model. This model will allow SPD to examine the “levels of demand for police services and matches that demand with the supply for police resources.”143 In addition to examining calls for service received, this model also examines other “operational demands facing the department”144 (e.g., police activities league [PAL], community meet­ings, training) and makes staffing determinations based on these findings



  1. @ Staffing Analysis of SPD
    I’d like a break down on the number of SPD law enforcement that fall into the following categories: Out on Paid Administrative Leave, Out on Unpaid Administrative Leave, Out on Medical Leave, (SHOULD be out) Brady Cop, and the number of leos that remain (once subtracting the other 4 categories from the total of officers).

    We may have over 300 on the force but I know there are not 300 actually working; we have a lot of ‘dead’ wood, in my opinion. Staffing analysis should be a yearly review type of management process, conducted and submitted to city admin before the city budget talks start. How else does the mayor know how to fund the department? Do they just make numbers up?

    The more you report, the more I read and learn, the more I shake my head over the ineptness of what passes for leadership in Spokane; from the top down, all along the line. Reminds me of that old saying, “a fish rots from the head down.”

    Thanks for your continued work, investigating and reporting on your findings. Hard work trying to get at the truth. Ain’t it?
    ; )

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