My column today brings up even more serious questions I raised at the time Spokesman Review articles appeared about steroid use at SPD. There were two issues that concerned me at the time. First; Knowing what Straub and Condon knew at the time why wasn’t a thorough and complete administrative investigation done and Mel Taylor was simply allowed to retire. Second; Why did the Spokesman Review and other media not follow up on the obvious leads available to them for an in-depth investigative report.


In my analysis of the recent Public Records Dump I have come across what COULD BE answers to at least my first concern. One of the things I want to note early in this piece is the very positive position members of the Lieutenants and Captains Association took when Frank Straub refused to terminate Lydia Taylor when she was caught lying and became a “Brady Cop”, that FACT will be very important in understanding the dynamics of the Straub firing which I will continue to write about.


As far as my second concern, I doubt I’ll ever gain a full understanding of the WHY.





Here are some stories from the SR regarding the issue I suggest folks read them to add perspective.




The link below is from an email attachment sent by Frank Straub to Nancy Isserlis.


The big question at least in my mind is just exactly what were the “representations and assurances” made to Mel Taylor and who were they made by? Given Straub and Condon’s decision NOT to terminate Taylor’s wife Lydia, over the objection of Lieutenants and Captains, did the “representations and assurances” have anything to do with Lydia and the decision to keep her? I should note that any legitimate Chief of Police would have known the ramifications of keeping a Brady Cop and would have terminated her. Another question that comes up is exactly what was the relationship between Frank Straub and the Taylors?



Taylor Deal



Regarding the issue of transparency and IA Cases:

I have been unable to locate any investigative files in the public domain regarding what led up to the “retirement” of Mel Taylor or the IA Investigation of Lydia Taylor. If you search this you will find that Mel Taylor’s case was “Administratively Suspended” because he retired, and that’s it. As far as Lydia Taylor’s IA Investigation being posted you are welcome to try to find it. I haven’t bothered for a while because this great transparency tool isn’t searchable and is a cumbersome joke.



I always find the consultants recommendations COPS/DOJ make in their reviews and follow-ups, based on some of my past experience, INTERESTING. Although Condon, and Straub over and over touted the great strides they made… the evidence is in, and for the amount of money we are paying Brian Coddington, can’t he come up with something better? I hope someone actually delves into what has really been or not been accomplished.



This Spokesman Review story is the beginning of Straub’s usual narrative when he gets fired that it was all the bad cops that did it to him and he was fighting them tooth and nail. Can’t he come up with something else it really is getting old.


I’m finding a lot of interesting FACTS in the documents I have, and at this point what they tend to show is that the “old guard” was actually trying to move forward but were hindered at every turn.



It looks like there was a beef between the “Old Guard” and the “Straub Guard” over the insane decision by Frank Straub to use Grant Fredericks, of Karl Thompson fame, as an SPD expert in the Ryan Holyk case…so stay tuned.





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