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Frank Straub may be an “In your face” type of guy but he also has a soft side. Every place he has been he has helped out his friends, as a matter of fact one of the big complaints when he was Director of Public Safety in Indianapolis was his propensity to arrange for contracts for his friends. Of course no one could have predicted the same thing would happen here in “The City of Choice”.


One of the many outrages expressed in Indianapolis was when Straub arranged a contract for his buddy Bill Bratton, who had recommended Straub for the Indianapolis job. Bratton was at the time head of the big consulting firm Alterity. Bratton is now the Police Commissioner for the City of New York, so it will be interesting to see if Straub ends up in some capacity with NYPD. Another big complaint about Straub in Indy was that he didn’t disclose his relationships, including being a past paid consultant for some of consulting firms he hired. Straub who has been a paid consultant a number of times, including with his friend Bernie Kerik, knows how the business works and how important it is when you are in that business to have friends who will help you get contracts. Aside from all of the news media in Indianapolis, a few retired SPD Cops, and the Spokesman Review who would have ever known about this kind of stuff?


During my analysis of the PRR Documents I ran across this information I thought might be of interest to my readers. 


Dr. Lorie Fridell is a longtime associate Frank Straub’s through a number of different organizations including COPS/DOJ. So I thought the email string I linked below was interesting. Even more interesting to me was this suggestion Straub made regarding how to pay his friend. 


My thought is to engage Lorie using Jag Byrne funds to conduct the training for SPD exec staff, precinct commanders, academy staff, OPO and OPO Commission (hopefully all will be in place by the Fall) as well as community of color leaders to demonstrate our commitment to this important topic.”



I might have to look at those Jag Byrne fund expenditures a little more closely if someone else doesn’t.  🙂









  1. Friends Helping Friends

    That’s what friends are for. If a friend can’t help you get paid who can?

    With Straub and Friends it’s Indianapolis all over again and we were warned. The news articles were out there. Plenty of people sounded the alarm and the mayor ignored all of the objections and hired him. The messes he leaves in his wake are going to be costly and take years to clean up.

    Now taxpayers get to pay. And pay and pay and pay…
    Lawsuits…to infinity and beyond!

    Great article, again, Buff! Thanks for the docs and links, too. In-depth analysis that can’t be found elsewhere and never on the Sled~Review. If an ‘investigative’ journalist can’t form a PRR search query adequately to ensure capturing what they are seeking, they certainly can’t delve into released documents that some may deem ‘irrelevant’ and retrieve useful information. That dog can’t hunt.

    Thanks again, Buff!

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