Caught Again Sled!!!

Good ole Andrew blows it again trying to convince people what a great person he is by getting a hotel room for his son and dog. Well right after he tells that lie he blows it in his next comment where he states “Two of my neighbors were sitting in their cars idling to get warm this this morning.”

Must have neighbors at the hotel …right Sled?

Once Sled reads this he will go back as he often does when he is caught and either delete the comment, change it, or come up with some BS explanation. Any money Sled has for a hotel is taxpayers money not his and most of that is spent on cigarettes.


Wake up folks Sled is a complete fraud…more to come.





Sled hotel 1


Sled hotel 2


7 thoughts on “Caught Again Sled!!!

  1. I always thought that such a swell guy with so many “friends”, “brothers”, “sisters”, and assorted “bros” could always have his pick of invitations from said others to share their homes?

    Maybe he isn’t really all that beloved?
    Imagine that?

    Why didn’t he go stay with his puppet master, Tingstad?

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    1. He wants every one to believe he is a swell guy…he never left the basement. Did you notice it was 11 minutes after I posted this he tried to clean it up. Maybe he knew Tingstad doesn’t live well with others and was afraid Tingstad might punch him knowing the coward wouldn’t hit back and would run. 🙂

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  2. I am confused about this son he speaks of. I thought he always talked about his stepson. I understood his girlfriend is gone, so I don’t understand whose son this is. Does he have another one that popped up from somewhere?


    1. He reads all this so it’s a hold back for know. The mother of “Junior” is Angela Stalcup who lives on the coast again. I happen to know a lot of Stalcups. 🙂 :), and more about Sled than he actually knows about himself. He is afraid to even have coffee with a demented old man does that tell you what a coward he is? Notice not much from the other fraud Sheila Chase…she knows what is coming…and she can thank her great friend Andrew Scheldt for it as can Chuckie. If you think the lost my big inheritance to the EPA was funny just wait tell you see some of the public documents regarding her. 🙂 🙂

      I just love exposing frauds, the Spokesman Review…not so much…they let them go on and on.

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