I have received a comment from Chuck Tingstad regarding his criminal history and offered him the opportunity to comment prior to his true story being published. Since Chuck is one of the prolific liberal commenters on the SR it will be interesting what he has to say if he has guts enough to comment, so stay tuned!



Comment on Background Investigations on a budget! by chuck

‎Saturday, ‎November ‎14, ‎2015, ‏‎10:55:39 PM | chuckGo to full article

I could save you some trouble, flatfoot. What would you like to know? Brandishing? Defacement of public property? I realize this may reduce your drama effect.


Comment on Background Investigations on a budget! by buffalobrianbreen

‎Today, ‎November ‎18, ‎2015, ‏‎53 minutes ago | buffalobrianbreenGo to full article


To be fair I would like to offer you the opportunity to provide a statement regarding your criminal history in light of many of your comments in the SR Comments Section, so please feel free to respond here prior to my news piece on you. Also if you would like to provide a statement on this feel free to do so.

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