Signs of a Phony!!

One of the ways to identify a phony and a liar is to see how they try to clean things up when they are caught in a lie.

Here is a perfect example:

Notice how Andrew waited until he thought no one was looking, went back and edited his post taking out any mention of him taking his boy and dog to a hotel, and deleted his post about the people in the hotel he was supposedly staying at. Most people don’t notice that he does this quite often especially when he is confronted with his whoopers.


A hero Sled is not, but he is doing his best to convince people he is. Smart folks won’t buy his constant BS, people that think he is so great will end up like every fraud victim does…going down with the fraud.




Sled hotel 2Sled hotel 1.jpg






Signs of a fraud


11 thoughts on “Signs of a Phony!!

  1. Signs of a Pony?
    All the horseshit in the barn!

    Sorry, Buff, but every time I look at that headline, instead of Phony my mind – for some bizarre reason – changes phony to pony, and it is all downhill from there.

    More musings from our pet phony pony…

    Sled • 2 minutes ago
    ” Pointing out your anonymous original avatar isn’t the same thing as telling everyone on here what your real name is or where you work. I did call you by your first name once on here, but that was after you and another commentoe repeatedly called me by my real name. You have posted my name and where I work. BIG difference. You always revert to the same attacks, THAT’S why it’s easy to point you out. Rosie sees the same in your comments. Big deal. When I was banned and posted under a different screen name I was easily identified and most pointed that out. Big deal. ”

    I need a bigger shovel!
    Our pet phony pony sure has a bad memory, in addition to other issues. And always attempts to rewrite history in order to present himself in a better light. Always the valiant one, fighting for truth, justice, and the American way!
    ; )

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  2. Sled giving advice on how to cover your electronic tracks?
    ; )

    Sled thatBruceguy • 7 minutes ago

    I would strongly recommend spending some time removing your name from the numerous “data brokers” willing to dish out your personal information for a few bucks. Here is a link on how to do so. This recommendation goes out to all posters, even the ones who use their real name. And it isn’t just about the individual posting. Protecting your loved ones attatched to your name should be equally important.

    Sled giving advice on the SR threads, priceless!

    The little puke outted ME on the same same; chasing me from thread to thread using information he got from his friend Chuckie to try and keep me off the blog threads. NOW he is the injured party after getting push back from Buff, whining about what a victim he is and how no one should have to endure the type of harassment that he has had to. AND YET HE ENGAGED IN THE SAME BEHAVIOR.

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  3. Mr Breen, I really appreciate your insight and all you have to contribute, I feel it is a travesty the SR feels that you have nothing to contribute to help my hometown become a better place. I also enjoy the fact you cannot condone frauds and liars, I very much look forward to the hard work you do in bringing the truth out. I am following you, however I don’t want to have to deal with the constant updates from Twitter, keep up the good work!

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  4. I went on the huckleberry blog and asked weddeln6969 if his name was Chuck and or if he was also Mr. Bloggie. The first was post was deleted immediately, I posted again and it was deleted again. I guess I shouldn’t have referenced Brian breens blog in my post. Lol.

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    1. Don’t ever mention my name on the SR…they don’t like me.

      Chuck Tingstad uses so many different personas even I have a hard time keeping up he has two newbies going today.

      liberte_egalite_fraternite and UWhuskytskeet, Tingstad is so radical in his liberalism he needs vetting before we worry about the Syrians…I’ll be doing some vetting on Tingstad pretty soon 🙂

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