Background Investigations on a budget!

For folks that don’t know I have well over 40 years of experience in the investigative process and during that experience have had to do background investigations on countless individuals. I have been fortunate in that in most cases the government agency I was working for or a private client had the money to cover all the costs. I realize that some folks don’t have the money to spend on doing backgrounds on people they suspect of being frauds (boyfriends/girlfriends/etc.) or people that continually cause them problems for no reason whatsoever.

One place for people on a budget to start is a website known as “Whitepages” this is a public domain that provides public records regarding individuals and is a good place for the novice to start. Most people aren’t aware of how much free background information is available on the internet which you can use to protect yourself.

Here I am providing two examples of some of the information available on “Whitepages”, because I am a very nice guy I have redacted some of the public information even though it was not necessary for me to do so. The very same is true for other public information sites including both federal and local records maintained by government agencies (criminal history, property ownership, business records, and many more). I hope this is helpful if so let me know.

Friend SheilaAndy L Scheldt

12 thoughts on “Background Investigations on a budget!

    1. Chuckie baby nice to see you are following my blog. The “Brandishing”, and “Defacement of public property” are but a small, small, portion of your true story, we will cover the entire spectrum as time permits. You will have to wait though until Sheila and Andrew are taken care of in more detail. Some of your fraud, like the phony press pass, demonstrate just what kind of a fraud and keyboard commando hero you are. It makes sense you would align yourself with frauds like Sheila Chase and Andrew Scheldt. Stay tuned pal you will love it, so will the public.

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    2. Chuck,

      To be fair I would like to offer you the opportunity to provide a statement regarding your criminal history in light of many of your comments in the SR Comments Section, so please feel free to respond here prior to my news piece on you. Also if you would like to provide a statement on this feel free to do so.


  1. He can’t help himself…I dangled the bait and he bit!

    BattlingBickersons Fuller Malarkey • an hour ago
    Click on “view conversations” and go down to the ones about October 13th…screen captures of other texts (from around May 7th).

    Fuller Malarkey BattlingBickersons • 5 minutes ago

    Wealth of information there….Can’t imagine what I would know from spending a day listening to that man.

    And I do not understand why this paper does not make peace with him and cash in on his insights. This is someone that you want for an ally. Life would be very hard should he decide to be your enemy….

    Sled Fuller Malarkey • a few seconds ago

    And a wealth of doxing SR commentors.

    BattlingBickersons Fuller Malarkey • 2 minutes ago

    So much info and I am very grateful for it.
    Thought you’d find it interesting and didn’t know if you’d seen the site?
    Lots of docs posted on the linked site.

    Too funny!
    I’ll check back later. Got stuff to do today besides baiting a troll.
    Later, Buff!
    ; )

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  2. Sled Mark Richards • a minute ago
    “Dude, I could give rats azz what you say about me. You truly are obsessed. Good to see others are seeing the level of your obsession.”

    Just for your enjoyment, Buff!

    Apparently, he does care because he couldn’t stop himself from posting to your link on “Background Investigations on a Budget”. And it is 08:34 a.m. your posts on the thread are in moderation and about to disappear. Looks like sled was on-line flagging your comments (and mine) about an hour or so before making his first post. Bet the lines to the weekend babysitters as well as Addy and Alison are just burning up this morning!

    As for “Background Investigations on a Budget” I truly appreciate your information. I have used the WA state site, but did not know about some of the other sources; so thank you. Do all states have a similar way to search for court cases? I am interested in some information from Huntington Beach, California (one of Chuck’s former locations before Spokane) but have not had luck find a searchable database.

    Any ideas?

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    1. My posts deleted…you don’t think Andrew would do that do you? 🙂

      Many states do have online searches California does by Counties but not all counties have online searches.

      I will have some more stuff on Chuckie later, when I return to Spokane. I don’t have all my files on this laptop.

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      1. Thanks, Buff!
        I will try looking by county.

        Screen shot here, before major deletions.

        Also put up a link to your tweets/texts from Cotton on that thread will likely not stay up.

        Enjoy your trip!
        : )

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    2. BTW…if Andrew doesn’t give a “rats azz”, what is the tough hero so afraid of? He should just use his real name. Did you know Andrew said he is a “Jew”, but really isn’t, with Andrew it is whatever it takes to make people feel sorry for him, just like his buddies.

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      1. I can recall many things he has claimed. I also know that if he truly did not care he would not bother to respond. I can see why Chuck likes him as a puppet, it is very easy to pull his strings and get him to react. Poor schmuck!

        I recall him wailing and over reacting when that Synagogue got tagged and also recall Bellinghamster joining him in excoriating anyone that didn’t see the event as they did; being Jewish and all means only sled can know the pain of tagging at a building he has never walked into in his entire Jewish life and how that must impact a congregation that he is not familiar with and a Rabbi that he has never met. Devastating!

        So much drama I knew he was lying! He has a thing about wanting to be the perpetual “victim” (only because he likely never has been a true victim). Poor Sled. Always put upon, the long suffering and greatly misunderstood, champion of truth justice and the American way!

        And that colors his view of everything. Always wanting attention and sympathy…and using a public forum to get it.

        I just like messin’ with him…

        See ya!
        : )

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