UPDATE: After this blog post was published and sent to my Twitter account ALL of my comments on the SR story as “emerson.cook” were deleted for obvious reasons, but the screenshots below tell the TRUE story.


SR Story.


Another black eye for SPD whether or not there was a sexual assault. I of course have some observations regarding the SR story and would urge caution to anyone in drawing any conclusions at this point regarding the alleged sexual assault. I would also urge people to actually read the court documents either in the links provided here or from the KHQ website.

Unfortunately the SR story leaves out a lot of information that would have been useful and informative to their readers and could paint the wrong narrative depending on what the facts actually are. One thing that struck me from the beginning was there is no mention in the story which agency is investigating the case. After reading the story my first thought was that I hoped SPD had sense enough to farm it out to another agency as it involves their own. THE FACTS ARE THEY DID. How do I know you might ask? I simply went to KHQ the SR’s TV counterpart where I found that the same court documents the SR had were posted and linked so that there viewers and readers could get the FACTS for themselves and even download them if they wanted to. KHQ had done exactly what a blogger with the persona “emerson.cook” (Yes I’m “emerson.cook” one of many personas since being banned) suggested to both Addy Hatch and Nina Culver. Both Hatch and Culver rejected the suggestion, citing SR policy. THE FACTS ARE the SR, just like other media has in the past posted and linked redacted sexual assault reports and court documents they have received. ANOTHER FACT is the SR as actually posted and linked UNREDACTED documents they received, most notably in the Rachel Dolezal case, but there are several others. I won’t bother with the Carlisle murder case documents they also released.

So the question remains: Is the SR going soft on SPD and if so why?

I have done one heck of a lot of sexual assault search warrants in my time and after reading this one have some concerns I won’t bother to get into here and I don’t mean to say it is a bad search warrant. I will mention this however. The parties to a search warrant including the State have the option to attempt to bar the release of the search warrant and affidavit to the public by going to court and requesting they not be placed in the public file. The reason the law allows for this is two-fold, first to allow a continuing investigation to remain confidential, and second to protect individuals from the embarrassment of public disclosure of allegations that may later prove to be false. Why that wasn’t done in this case is beyond me. Although most of my posts as “emerson.cook” have been left on the SR comments section the comment where I point this out was deleted for some reason, and of course the comments on that story were closed early which probably was a good idea.

As fate would have it Keyboard Commando and Suck-Up “Sled” (Andrew Scheldt) continues on the wrong path. I hope “prior LEO” “ts52” isn’t too embarrassed about the comments he made toward me in the comments section after he reads this blog post and finds out I was correct.

The media and links below help to tell the TRUE story!

Hatch 1Culver 1Sled 1TS 1KHQ 1KHQ 2

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