How Spokane Works!

I thought is might be a good idea if folks wanted to know more about some of the public resources available to offer an example so you can look for yourself. I thought I might start with a simple example from the Washington Secretary of State data base with one of the many businesses in which the Cowles family is involved. This particular business. IP Street is owned in part by the Spokesman Review’s Stacey Cowles along with some other folks of interest. One thing you have to look for when using  this type of data is changes between active and inactive records. Generally when you see a change there is a reason and the change will in many cases be from named Directors or Members to another LLC or Inc. which ends up being traced back to a law firm. The trick for the investigator is to determine why the change was made…but more about that later.

IP Street Holdings ActiveIP Street

Active InactiveEleven 14

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