For those that aren’t aware, another way to make things difficult for private citizens doing a FOIA is to claim Attorney-Client Privilege when there really isn’t one. We are still waiting for answers from Terry Pfister and our FOIA response from the City will very likely go beyond the election.TP redactions 1Straub to allTP redactions 2More redactions.

One thought on “More FOIA “GAMES”

  1. FOIA Games indeed!
    Your posts demonstrate the lengths that those in power go to in order to not disclose the requested information. And how diligent and knowledgeable the person requesting information must be. Additionally, you have highlighted the difficulty citizens face in attempting to get at some representative tid-bit of truth.

    Some think FOIA requests are easy and that once the application is completed all they have to do is wait for the information to flow in. Your posts blow that assertion apart.

    Thanks, Buff!


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