As negotiations are in the beginning processes between the City of Spokane and the Spokane Police Guild, versus the Citizens of Spokane and is now quite clear that Mayor Woodward, and the City Council’s effort to falsely portray the Police Ombudsman as all involved in and all okay with the previous contract OPO Logue’s question of  “IF NOT NOW WHEN?” should be a battle cry for those seeking legitimate oversight of SPD.

As I previously reported the OPO is muzzled by the Guild contract to the point he will not be able to offer an opinion regarding some of the investigations going on right now at SPD that Mayor Woodward is doing everything she can to obstruct and delay the details of those investigations being made public. The was some publicity. Some of those investigations include one where there is reasonable cause to believe two SPD PACT Officers Winston Brooks and Scott Lesser committed the crime of Perjury in Federal Court.

The recent case of former SPD PACT member Senior Police Officer Jarod M Beasley who is alleged to have punched/hit a handcuffed suspect Beasley retiring prior to the investigation being completed. Although not exactly the same a situation similar to this one.

The investigation of complaints made to the OPO by former SPD PACT Commander Lt. Dave Staben.

The investigation into deleted Public Records contained on the super-secret Zello application used by SPD PACT to communications they didn’t want Public.

Another case involves SPD Officer Howe not responding to a Kidnapping/Rape case because he was surfing the internet for fishing stuff, at least it wasn’t pornography.

The case of payroll fraud where SPD Supervisors allowed TAC Team Officers to work overtime and then gave them a few days off without requiring them to take vacation or compensatory time off.

And several more that the OPO could and should write a Closing Report for even if he can’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth because of the Guild Contract.

So let us look at what the OPO really thinks about not being able to mention Officers names, give an opinion on discipline or lack there of the email exchanges imaged below make it very clear that despite Mayor Woodward’s and the City Councils malarky about the OPO being on board with the last Guild Contract were just that MALARKY.

With all of the whining going on by Mayor Woodard and Chief Meidl using bunk data in an effort to try to support a softening of the “New Laws” let us look at an SPD case the State Legislature reviewed during the process of legislating those new laws.

The John Bird case only came to my attention by watching OPOC meetings where the issue of misidentified people during Terry v. Ohio stops came up, so as any reporter would do I submitted PRR to get as many facts as possible, and the facts are clear that Chief Meidl’s crew tried to hide what transpired with John Bird, and the only way the OPO found out was because John Bird made a complaint to the OPO.!AjPlZebSPc_fg7EejHb3ySd9zQOy5A

Now it is important to read and review SPD’s IA case into the incident which only came about because of John Bird’s complaint where both Chief Meidl found the Officers exonerated.

*** Former SPD Officer and SPD PACT member Jarod Beasley recently retired prior to the investigation of Beasley assaulting a handcuffed suspect.

The reason I feel the John Bird case which is one of many is important because it points out that the OPO is so restricted by the Guild Contract and what the OPO can say any softening of the “New Laws”, has to be with a strengthening of the powers of the OPO in the new Guild Contract being negotiated, without solid legitimate oversight abuses will take place.

So, Madam Mayor and City Council… “IF NOT NOW WHEN”?

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