Doing a one-time story of how Mayor Woodward, The Spokane City Council, and The Spokane Police Guild were able to muzzle OPO Bart Logue who is a Marine would be what is considered a “long read” so I will break my stories into a series of parts.

Every Marine knows how difficult it is to have Marines keep their mouths shut and they also know that Marines must at all times follow their General Orders. In the case of OPO Logue it is obvious he has a lot to say but is restricted by General Orders in the form of the recently agreed upon contract between the City of Spokane and the Spokane Police Guild.

One of the big “poison pills” in the current Guild contract is all the restrictions the OPO has from telling the Public what really happened in IA and Use of Force cases via “Closing Reports,” the fact is Logue’s General Orders prohibit him from doing just that…telling the truth.

So exactly why was the OPO prohibited from telling the truth, it was because he did tell the truth in his very first “Closing Report.”

The very first closing report Logue did was on a case that ultimately received national attention and SPD originally tried to hide from the Public and Logue but persistence brought exposure much to the ire of the Mayor and the Spokane Police Guild.

The Officers Dan and Scott Lesser case ended up being the catalyst for the K9 aspect of the new laws Law Enforcement Administrators like Chief Craig Meidl and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich have been complaining so much about.

One would think that OPO Logue would be dismayed by the fact that before his office publishes a closing report the Guild Contract requires a word for word review and approval by the Guild.

Any reasonable person who follows what goes on at the OPO and OPOC I believe would draw the conclusion that in reality the Police Guild is in control of its own oversight and what we have does not come close to meeting the City Charter so when reports started surfacing regarding the substance of the Guild Contract I sent this email to OPO Logue.

OPO Logue did provide me with this response which he obviously was guarded with and used his background as a diplomat to prepare.

Something other media have not reported on is OPO Logue’s appoint to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. It is unclear at this point whether or not Logue will be able to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth with respect to SPD oversight in his new position. We shall see!

In Part Two I will deal with some contemporary issues regarding OPO Closing Reports despite Mayor Woodward’s hindering and delaying of this PRR which is over ten months old and contains records that provide insight into exactly how the Guild Contract actually came about. Thus far the only records I have received are those that were in the possession of the OPO.

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