It is difficult to keep up with all the calls and messages asking questions, so I’ll do it this way and provide supporting documents.

1) How long has Chief Meidl known there was a problem with SPD PACT?

    Answer: Several years.

2) How long has the US Attorney’s Office known there was a problem?

    Answer: Several years.

3) Will Chief Meidl or the US Attorney do anything?

   Answer: At this point it doesn’t look like they will do much with Winston Brooks and Scott Lesser based upon emails it appears Meidl is just going to review the “investigative process” and the US Attorney’s Office is just going to put on another class.

4) Can any agency do something about what is going on?

   Answer: Sure Meidl could farm out a Criminal Investigation to another agency and then conduct an “Administrative Investigation”, or he could do his own Criminal Investigation with a parallel “Administrative Investigation” but that choice is fraught with problems from the Public’s perspective.

The local US Attorney could ask the FBI to investigate but because of their involvement in the cases it might be a conflict so it is unlikely unless Main Justice steps in.

Yes, the Spokane County Prosecutor has a number of options other than just putting someone on his Brady List but he would have to put a quick stop to any SPD Administrative Investigation where Officers are compelled to testify under Garrity.

Yes, Mayor Woodward could direct Meidl to have an outside agency conduct an investigation, however that is very unlikely.

No, there isn’t much the OPO can do and even if he could the Guild Contract prevents him from saying anything.

Yes, the City Council could do the same thing they did at my suggestion regarding the Cotton/Straub Affair, but they have other things on their minds.

Yes, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission via the State AG could conduct an investigation if they received a complaint.

I have no idea where this is headed, but a long history shows likely nowhere.

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