It appears from this Adam Shanks Spokesman Review Story that they might have figured out that an investigation controlled by Mayor Woodward could easily make them look bad.


“This week, three members of the Spokane City Council – Karen Stratton, Lori Kinnear and Betsy Wilkerson – sent Woodward a letter demanding the investigation abide by certain conditions.”

“The three asked that the City Council be asked for approval of any contract for an outside investigator – in this case, Haggard will be paid $20,000 – regardless of whether it meets the $50,000 threshold that requires the council’s approval by law. The administration will not request the council’s approval of the contract.”

“This is a really serious issue and the fact that they are not open to making the results of the investigation at the get-go is concerning,” Stratton said. “I would like to see what their scope is going to be, because they can set the scope to completely gloss over it as well.”

As a side note because members of the CC refuse to respond to me about issues, I uncover at City Hall I did try and warn them through a third party over a week ago that an independent investigation might not be a good idea for them. I hate to make assumptions like Cupid Alexander did “I assume it’s race”, but as far as the CC refusing interaction with me I would “assume” it is because they know my sources inside City Hall are far better than most local reporters.

If anyone recalls the Capple investigation into the Cotton/Straub affair that investigation came about as a result of my recommendation on September 23, 2015 at 6:06 AM to the City Council and I was told on October 1, 2015 at 2:22 PM that there was “zero support” among the City Council for an independent investigation, well what happened during the Capple investigation is of course history but a lot can be learned from history and it might behoove the City Council to go back and look at that case and pay special attention to Mayor Condon’s refusal to compel testimony from his employees.


I’m not sure if anyone noticed that Kathleen Haggard aside from defending cities on various issues also has an expertise in Public Records cases which makes one wonder if her “scope of work” includes determining who leaked the Public Records emails to the media.

If this is a trap there is of course a way out for the City Council, but since I don’t have a political ideology, I’m going to just sit back and enjoy watching the Conservatives and Progressives battle it out.

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