Despite all the efforts to find the perpetrators Mayor Woodward and Chief Meidl just have not been able to stop all those leaks and they just keep coming.

The problem the Mayor and Meidl have is the leaks aren’t just limited to, as Shawn Vestal describes, “a frequent police critic” they end up all over the place and the Shamrock Party is just one example. Maybe some Bars is needed for Mayor Woodward’s finely tuned SPD machine.

The type of leak information I receive generally goes to the SPD Culture and the disparity in discipline Chief Meidl gives out which almost always favors the Golden Boys/Girls, it will be interesting to see what the public records on the “Shamrock Party” actually show, that is if and when I get them, because according to my sources there are some pretty interesting folks involved in the issue.

These types of leaks are of no interest to the local MSM or the City Council who for some reason don’t seem to be willing to check them out so informing the Public is left up to we “frequent police critics” who believe the Public has a right to and should know so they can make a judgement on how their elected and appointed officials are doing.

Back in the day when Bill Cowles was running Cowles Publishing the SR and Chronicle had an interest in stuff like this and were willing to battle it out all the way to the Washington State Supreme Court…but alas it just isn’t a priority these days, so here I am.

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