“The Event”

After suffering through yet another Ozzie Knezovich and Jay Pounder Sheriff’s Report Anti-Shea Podcast, I am still unable to establish exactly what “The Event” is as far as Jay Pounder is concerned. Was it when he was finally able to get the MSM to listen to his story about Matt Shea? Is the ongoing battle his way of reaching out to, “Patriots who each and every day dedicate their lives to waking up the hearts and minds of the American people.”, and each new story or podcast is a part of “The Event”? Is his Anti-Shea Crusade a part of his disdain for government? Or is it simply a matter of Jay Pounder, like John Smith having a book in the works bout delivering us from evil?

I have my own theory about “The Event” put that theory has more to do with troubling psychological issues then Matt Shea, the Government, or the Economy.

Some might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about; well it has to do with Jay Pounders old Prepare Spokane Blog which he entitled “The Event”, a blog in which he expressed his opinions about many things including…amazingly “The Art of War”.


One of the interesting things about Jay Pounders old Blog is that it bares a strong resemblance to John Smith’s old Blog which helped to expose Smith’s as of yet bothering him White Supremacist beliefs.


Jay Pounder, being the type wanting to make sure he got the word out even wrote a book about “The Event” entitled “The Pill” which didn’t do too well but perhaps his Matt Shea book will do better…who knows.

I didn’t bother to spend the $9 to buy Pounder’s book, I figured I read and copied enough from his Blog. If you are interested you can read some of it at this link.

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