(Higgins) “He, Haley, Councilman Arne Woodard and former Councilman Sam Wood, who did not run for re-election, clashed with the three returning council members over how to spend surplus money,”

With young Progressives Ben Wick and Brandi Peetz taking over the reins at the City of Spokane Valley it will be interesting to see how the money flows and to whom. Along with budget issues the likelihood of disagreement and vitriol between Council Members is pretty high and will likely require someone to step up to try and referee. Although Brandi Peetz’s father Bob West is a former referee the fact he was fired from his position with the City of Spokane for among other things “Electioneering” for his daughter would be a pretty poor choice, besides, rest assured a lot of Bob’s time will be tied up trying to dig up dirt on Council Members who don’t agree with his daughter.

The “Progressive Voters Guide” may give a good indication of where the City of the Valley is headed from the standpoint of spending.

Brandi Peetz:

“and building a community center and marketplace across from city hall. She also wants to implement a detailed city economic plan that focuses on increasing tourism dollars and using a retail improvement strategy.”

I don’t think there is any question who would end up paying for a community center and marketplace across from City Hall, and it would be nice to see exactly what her economic plan actually is and who would benefit.

Some might remember that during Peetz’s campaign against Michelle Rasmussen she continually touted her budgeting experience while Vice President of the SCC Student Body and Office Manager at Stahl Optical. She even doubled down on her assertion in several Facebook interactions, including on one of her favorite Facebook Pages, the “Tri-County Voice”.

Having the responsibility of being responsible for taxpayers dollars is a big responsibility and is one of the reasons the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission requires candidates to file an F-1 (“Personal Financial Affairs Statement”) so taxpayers have an opportunity to take a look at how a candidate handles their own financial affairs and identify any possible conflicts of interest that might show up if the candidate is elected to office.

On April 15, 2019 Brandi Peetz filed her F-1 with the PDC a copy of which I have linked below for folks to take a look at.

What I found interesting regarding Deputy Mayor Peetz’s F-1, if I’m not mistaken, is that for some reason she neglected to report some indebtedness that ended up with those pesky Debt Collection Agencies having to take her to court for payment (Associated Credit Services Inc, and Valley Empire Collections). Yes, small amounts but she needs to make sure in her new position that the City of Spokane Valley continues with a good Bond and Credit rating.

When I look at the fact that on January 30, 2019 Brandi Peetz loaned her campaign $2,000.00 at 5% interest, I can’t help but wonder not only where that money came from but also whether or not she would have been better off spending the money on some of her debt, of course she will get a 5% return on her dollar at some point, so maybe it was a good investment.

Some other things which to me at least are indicators of possible problems is the way married couples handle property transactions.

For example; On August 31, 2018 Chad and Brandi Peetz sold as community property their previous home at 9724 E. Broadway for $240,000.00 to Mike and Dayna McKenna.

Then on September 14, 2018 Chad Peetz, Brandi’s husband purchased a new residence at 911 N. Bates Road as his sole and separate property even though he was and is married to Brandi.

Spouses having separately owned property isn’t unusual and is done sometimes for tax purposes, but there are other reasons occasionally as well.

On September 17, 2018 Brandi made darn sure her husband was the sole owner of their home with a Quit Claim Deed to her husband.

Brandi Peetz likes to point out that she is an “Independent Small Business Owner” apparently owning “Various Small Businesses”.

It would be great if she does have experience running a small business, but I’ll be darned if I can find any small businesses she has owned, and I didn’t notice any reported in her F-1. I was able to find that both she and Chad were involved in someway with Le-Vel, but her whole family was and I’m not real sure her Le-Vel experience would qualify when it comes to managing a City Budget.

Brandi Peetz is a lot like her father Bob West from the standpoint of using different Facebook Accounts one account she uses my be an indicator of what she has planned as far as the City of Spokane Valley Budget is concerned…a big raise.

From the a “disagreement and vitriol” perspective, it looks like Brandi’s campaign manager C Richard Wilhite has given us a good start on it.

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