And delays can breed suspicion: Brian Breen, the cantankerous former cop who settled with the city over the Straub public records delays, still believes favoritism is at play.

“It entirely depends upon how much embarrassment the document or documents might cause someone,” Breen says in an email. “Those that don’t, I get quickly. Those that do, come at a snail’s pace.”

“They got hammered with a series of unfortunate events,” says Tony Dinaro, who worked as a temporary employee in the clerk’s office this year before taking a job with Spokane County. “The clerk’s office really did run into a unique set of circumstances staffing-wise. It was hard to make people believe things were really that bad.”


I can’t help but wonder how in the heck the Inlander received copies of Audie’s IA Case so darn fast when it takes me months get documents like IA Cases from both the County and the City. This timeline is unheard-of around here.


As an example, tomorrow I have to go down to the Spokane County Prosecutors Office and go through pages of documents from a request I made in November involving a Spokane County internal issue. I have to go down there to review the documents because my CFO of over 50 years won’t pony up the $139.49 the County wants to charge for the 377 pages of documents.

I also wonder how much the documents the Inlander received cost them. It is one thing for the MSM to get a response speed break, but if I find out they are also getting a cost break then I am going to get “cantankerous”.

Something that also causes me some wonderment is whether or not former Deputy Shawn Audie received a “Third Party Notification” that the records were going to be released to the Media, the quick time frame of the Public Records Response would seem to indicate that Audie was never offered the opportunity to object to the release. In some cases, agencies will make a “Third Party Notification” to stave off civil litigation.

“Audie remained a deputy until summer of 2018, when he retired in lieu of termination as the result of an internal investigation. According to the investigation documents obtained by the Inlander via public records request.”


With Shawn Audie currently on paid leave, after the Ferris fight stories hit the media it seems there may be even more odd nuances associated with the fight?