Dem Rep Cupcake Blessing


I just don’t know how I can get it across to folks that I am not a Liberal, a Conservative, a Libertarian, a Communist, a Maoist, a Makhnovist, or anything other than a DEVOUT CURMUDGEONIST!


Archie for Prez

This Facebook exchange between Mr. Kenney Blessing and myself seems to demonstrate that Mr. Blessing, who certainly appears to be a Conservative, for some reason thinks I’m a Liberal for pointing out a few facts about the Dennis Walters Inlander Story about Brian Standow.

Blessing 1

Blessing 2

Blessing 3


I’ve been called a lot of names in my life and being called names doesn’t bother me but what is disconcerting is to have another Irishman call me a “cupcake”… that just isn’t kosher! 😊

Apparently what Mr. Blessing doesn’t realize is that Curmudgeonists simply like to deal in facts, and as far as the Walters’ story is concerned it this Curmudgeonist is of the belief that the Walters story was motivated by an opportunity for Standow to try and get even with some of the folks that gave him the boot from the Republican Party while at the same time helping his new found friend Ozzie Knezovich out with Ozzie’s hatred for some of the folks in the Republican Party, and Walters’ seized upon that motivation to write a story without regard to motivation, reliability, or fact checking.

So here are a few facts that may help in putting some things in context. Brian Standow had been trying to get on Ozzie’s handpicked Citizens Advisory Board for some time, and documents seem to show he got his wish on or about August 13th, 2018 which as after all of his FB rants about folks that Ozzie has had a long running feud with. Some might question if Standow’s position on Ozzie’s CAB was some type of reward.

CAB Introduce Standow

Since Ozzie’s CAB doesn’t do a good job of keeping their posted Minutes up to date nor do they ever contain much info, and although some of us have heard about what transpired we won’t know for sure until the Minutes of the August 13th, 2018 meeting is available.

CAB Agendas and Minutes

We do know from previous CAB Agendas and Minutes that the May 14, 2018 Agenda reflects that 15 mins was set aside for the Christopher Jackson “Introduction & Vote”.

CAB Agenda May 14, 2018

You might remember that Chris Jackson was a Progressive who ran against Rod Higgins and lost for Position # 1 on the City of Spokane Valley Council. Ozzie doesn’t like Higgins of course.


On an interesting side note another Progressive Ozzie endorsed Brandi Peetz who used to be on Ozzie’s CAB apparently thinks Brian Standow is a peach of a guy.

Ozzie Peetz Endorsement

Aside from all that stuff the May 14th, 2018 CAB minutes reflect that Jackson and Ty Warner were unanimously added to the CAB and were welcomed, leading a reasonable person to conclude that Brian Standow finally got the CAB position he so dearly wanted.

CAB May 14, 2018 minutes image