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I received this Cease and Desist Letter yesterday from lawyer Michael J. Beyer, yes, the same Michael J. Beyer who also represented the self-described Ozzie lover Laura Renz. Mr. Beyer and his clients would like nothing more then to violate my First Amendment Rights to try and keep the truth from coming out.


Beyer C & D 1

Beyer C & D 2

Beyer C & D 3

Beyer C & D 4

What I find interesting about Mr. Beyer’s letter is that his clients through him have accused me of not only being a Local Criminal but also a Federal Criminal which makes me wonder just how widely this letter was disseminated prior to this story. I also have to wonder if Mr. Beyer or his clients have maliciously reported my alleged criminal conduct to proper Federal, State, or Local Law Enforcement Authorities, something one would think Beyer and his clients would do since according to them I am such a dastardly criminal.

Since Mr. Beyer mentioned HIPPA violations I can’t help but wonder from this Public Record whether or not Mrs. West’s (Dawn) employer Rockwood Clinic, MultiCare Health System where she works as a Patient Services Coordinator, and the Collier Family supposedly knew how the Collier’s don’t vaccinate their children if in fact they don’t …now that is a mystery which needs some looking into.


Dawn West HIPPA Rockwood Clinic


Of course, Bob West, Dawn West, Brandi West, and Misty West don’t want me to write stories about them which are derived from my Public Records Requests because it sure as heck doesn’t make the entire West Family look very good, so it is quite understandable that they would try anything and everything to silence my First Amendment Rights as well as the First Amendment Rights of Others.


You might note that Mr. Beyer refers in his C & D Letter to a number of stories I have written so help yourself right here:

Mr. Beyer’s practice, according to his Avvo Page has been 100% Debt collection for 39 years and over 1,000 cases (Go Figure) so one has to wonder exactly what relationships there might be for him to take on these risky cases. Even though Mr. Beyer, as a lawyer, has mostly been a Debt Collector, and as an uninsured (According to the WSBA) member of the Washington State Bar Association working solo out of his Hayden Home at 5010 W Prosperity Ln, he is still subject to the Washington State Court Rules of Professional Conduct.

Beyer Debt collect 100 percent

Beyer WSBA no insurance

RPC Meritorious claims

I have concluded that some folks think this kind of stuff intimidates and annoys me, you would think that they would have learned by now I not only enjoy it, but it provides great opportunity to exercise my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Nothing so far has wiped the smile off my face, but I suppose some folks will keep trying.

Looks like it is time to go on the offensive! 😊

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