Just like Brandi Peetz was!

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But my aggravation comes from the fact that there is no mention of suspect vehicle in the report Brandi had her father Bob West make for her?


What is interesting about the above posts by Brandi Peetz is that Barb Howard is very best buddies with Ozzie and Laura Renz is Scott Maclay’s ex who started the “We Support Travis Pendell” FB Page. Pendell you might remember is the Brady Cop who with the backing of Ozzie sued Matt Shea and Scott Maclay.

Laura Renz We Support

The is no love lost between Laura Renz and Scott Maclay and boy does it ever show. I can’t imagine she said any nice things about Maclay during her interview with the Feds.


By contrast it looks like the Collier Clan did the best they could to help the Cops get the crooks, including follow-up calls and photos.


One would think that the Sheriff a big backer of Brandi Peetz would get right on these cases, especially since he complained about the “Hit Team” removing his signs during his WSP statement. But it looks like he was more concerned about informing Maclay that Collier denied any association with him and the now infamous “Bounty” post by Maclay.

Ozzie to Maclay re Collier