Kevin Parker

Unfortunately for some folks in cases like Ozzie’s arrest of Scott Maclay others get drawn into something they really don’t want to have any part of, and sometimes as in this case kids were unfortunately drawn into the fray.

One such individual appears to be former Republican Washington State Legislator Kevin Parker. Kevin Parker was not listed as a witness in the original arrest of Scott Maclay, but somehow became one after the case was sent to Special Prosecutor Dolly Hunt in Pend Oreille County. There were a few high-profile folks present at the event where Ozzie arrested Maclay, including Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rogers, who apparently has not been included as a witness up to this point. Somehow Parker ended up being dragged in and the documents I received don’t really show how Parker became involved but there clearly were phone conversations that took place between the Pend Oreille County Prosecutor’s Office with people involved including Sheriff Knezovich.

Interestingly Mr. Parker chose not to run for another term in the State Legislature and was replaced by Mike Volz, another Republican who is involved in another issue I am looking into involving Mr. John Christina.

I contacted the Pend Oreille County Prosecutors Office today to determine if Mr. Parker was ever interviewed and am waiting for a reply.

The investigation reports of SCSO Deputy Lloyd Hixson (Poor Guy), seem to identify a reluctance on Mr. Parker’s part to get involved.

Parker Nielsen added

Email from Sgt Russ Dowdy

Parker contact attempts

No Parker

Scott Maclay can often be his own worst enemy because of his propensity for offering his perspective about things sometimes better held back. In my opinion such was the case when after his arrest he sent a long letter explaining his side of his arrest by Knezovich to a whole bunch folks including Sheriff Knezovich, IA Investigator Tim Hines, the Spokane Valley Council, and others. All the lawyers I’ve worked with over the years would have recommended against doing something like this.

I’m often chastised by public officials for truth seeking Public Records Requests, it goes with the gig, Ozzie of course hates it and has over and over again expressed his displeasure, but the truth is sometimes Prosecutors have to do the same thing to get to the truth, and that was the case here when Pend Oreille County Prosecutors in November of 2017 submitted a PRR (#17-205) to the City of Spokane Valley via Cary Driskell the City Attorney, which in my view was a diligent and appropriate investigative move, even though Ozzie in his document dump to Pend Oreille County had supplied them some of what they were looking for back on October 20, 2017.

Ozzie to Brooks Maclay side


Even though Maclay, being Maclay, prematurely in the opinion of many, disseminated his side of the story, one positive thing for Maclay, at least in my view, was that it caused new witness Tony Nielsen to be interviewed by Deputy Hixson. However, on a negative note it did subject Nielson’s children to an in-school interview by Deputy Ney (I always hated doing those).

The audio file below allows you to listen to Nielson’s interview with Hixson, so you can decide:!AjPlZebSPc_fgv5tfDe7llLEo1RfdA

Another audio file documenting the interview of original witness Elizabeth Schrempp is provided below. Draw your own conclusions but from my background and experience (Bill Beeman) the interview opens several doors for some serious defense or plaintiff questions.!AjPlZebSPc_fgv5ssA4ybLseILtM7A

I have many more documents of interest, however in deference to an ongoing Federal Investigation I’m not going to address them, at least at this point.

I often get some input from my Conservative and Liberal friends and followers, which I don’t generally share, but I will tell you that the Liberals are laughing, and the Conservatives are questioning just how much unifying “Ozzie the Unifier” is actually accomplishing. 😊