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His Dad, who was an outstanding Detective, Man, and Mentor. Bill Beeman was my first Robbery/Homicide Partner, who’s path I followed somewhat as Bill retired from SPD and went to work as an Investigator in the Public Defender’s Office.

Bill taught me tons and one of the most important things that he taught me is to always, always anticipate and figure out what the other side will say and what witnesses they might have as it might paint an entirely different picture and end up being the truth. I’ve followed that great advice to this day and offer up to you that there are always two sides to a story, Scott Maclay’s side hasn’t surfaced yet but will if there are criminal charges filed by Pend Oreille County.

I thought I would throw this in, just to get folks thinking. Since Maclay’s defense likely would be that he was completely innocent, and the Sheriff’s arrest was motivated by the Sheriff’s hatred of him, and his political views, it would only make sense that the defense team would try and bring in any past contacts with the Sheriff where the Sheriff tried to arrest him or have him removed.

A cursory check of Maclay’s Rattlesnakes Motorcycle Club FB Page reveals this interesting tidbit:

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 1

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 2

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 3

RMC September 19, 2016 Post 4

Maclay of course has lawyered up so he isn’t talking, but as you can see there are three witnesses who should probably be interviewed… I sure would… having learned from Bill!

  1. Prosecutor Larry Haskell

  2. Donald Morgan

  3. Gary Babcock

If you interview just one witness, it almost always leads to more so who knows how long this sucker will go?

I was supposed to focus on studying my Rife Suppressor PRR Discs today… but this is so interesting I got side tracked! 😊