Ozzie Tyler


If your best friend Phillip Tyler was such a great County Employee, and is being defamed and libeled by these terrible women who worked with him, why in the world did you and McGrath issue him an “unfounded and unwarranted disciplinary written warning” as well as an “unprecedented two-year corrective plan threatening him with summary termination”? You even ended up moving him out of Detention to Training… did you not?

Tyler Claim 2014 A

Tyler Claim 2014 B

What did happen to Tyler’s lawsuit Ozzie…please tell us all! Were you going to be a witness for your friend Tyler or a witness for the County?

Tyler Court Case 1

Tyler Court Case 2

Ozzie, how did your “formal complaint to the BoCC” go yesterday? Did they happen to mention to you that it might be a good idea to lay off the threats?

Ozzie Formal Complaint 1

Ozzie Formal Complaint 2


BTW, Ozzie do you happen to know if your friend, Phillip Waine Tyler, ever did register to vote in Spokane County? Heck you might need his vote come November?