I doubt Ozzie will like this story either!

As a follow-up to the story linked below, I thought it might be important that this inept, corrupt, liar point out one of the difficulties in establishing the true staffing levels of a law enforcement agency something most elected officials don’t bother with when it comes budget analysis.

As I pointed out in my “Ozzie Won’t Like This Either” story the data he submitted to WASPC is in direct conflict with his claim “that the sheriff’s office has never recovered from losing 30 deputies due to budget cuts seven years ago”.

I know from past experience that getting true data from law enforcement agencies is sometimes like pulling teeth and one of the many difficult aspects is trying to figure out where pass-through or outside “fiscal agents” are for Grant Funded Positions. Here is an example of just one pass-through where the fiscal agent is SPD and Ozzie has been using the money to fund one Deputy for two years and currently at a cost of $192,915.93 or $207,953.93, depending upon which figure is correct in the submittal. I’m not quite sure what the $15,038.00 discrepancy is all about.

Insert: WAPTA 1-4 WAPTA Grant 1

WAPTA Grant 2

WAPTA Grant 4WAPTA Grant 3

This is one of those nice Grants because it isn’t funded directly from taxpayer dollars, rather from traffic violator dollars.

Of course, at this point the public doesn’t exactly how many positions are taxpayer Grant Funded in the SCSO, and perhaps the County Commissioners took that into consideration when they decided not to further burden the taxpayer with higher property taxes.

During my inept, and corrupt tenure on SPD a couple of Police Chiefs assigned me the task of dealing with Grant Funded expenditures and how those were handled properly from the standpoint of being audited, so I know the care that must be taken by law enforcement administrators to make sure the taxpayer money is properly spent and will pass an audit.

The problem with Grant Funded Positions is that you never know how long they will last, and if the funding runs out the County or City is in a dilemma.

If you look at the data concerning Vehicle Theft in Spokane County the last few years it looks like this Grant might be helping out to a certain extent, of course the City of the Valley gets hit the hardest, so I would imagine the WAPTA funded position has a heavy SVPD load.

What say you Ozzie?