After reading the below linked Inlander story and recalling the fit Ozzie had with me calling attention to the “Bunk” data he gave to ICMA when they did the study about the City of Spokane Valley getting their own Police Force, I started thinking it might be a good idea to check some facts reported in the story.



Needless to say, the Oz is all upset that the County Commission won’t approve a property tax and give him some more money, so he has started the good old… “Stuff will hit the fan all over the County because I don’t have enough money or men!”

So, I guess the question is, do we need to increase the tax burden or can Ozzie actually do the job he was elected to do with the budget he is given? I would love to have more Deputies if we can afford them, and if the SCSO is staffed properly so there isn’t a bunch of waste. Another question, I’m sure the Valley Council has is whether or not Ozzie will fulfill his contract with them, which has been a sticking point with some folks in the Valley.

I do have some problems with what Ozzie told the Inlander, and other places but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


“We’ve been pulling rabbits our of our hat since 2010. There are no rabbits in our hat this time.”


But when Ozzie was running for CMR’s position he touted low crime rates at a 220-commissioned staffing level, and that would have been with 17 less rabbits?



I gotta wonder if Ozzie has plans on running for some other elected position now that CMR still has her job, he did move into the City remember. 🙂


“He adds that the sheriff’s office has never recovered from losing 30 deputies due to budget cuts seven years ago. Since then, he says the sheriff’s office has been underfunded, with county commissioners choosing not to ask voters for tax increases to fund public safety.”


Can’t find where the SCSO lost “30 deputies” seven years ago?

In 2010 the SCSO/SVPD had a joint commissioned staffing level of 237 deputies. The following year in 2011 the level was 221, or down 17 deputies. Starting in 2014 commissioned staff went to 220 where it stayed through 2016. So, I’m at a complete loss where the figure “30 deputies” comes from.


“My budget has been cut every year. They’ve underfunded the sheriff’s office every year since 2012,” he says. “I’ve had to go to war with the budget office to say, ‘We’re underfunded. Unless you want me to lay deputies off, you have to fix this issue.'”


Well at least Ozzie’s been able to support a commissioned staffing level close to 220 since 2012.

Insert SCSO Staffing 1-2 SCSO Staffing 1

SCSO Staffing 2

I put together Ozzie’s own data relating to staffing and crime that he reported to the Washington State Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) so it would be easier for you to draw your own conclusions.

Staffing and Crime Data: