As the City of Spokane and SPD tries to figure out what to do with my latest Public Records Request, let alone me, regarding the mishandling and effort to hide the McMurtrey IA Case #16-004 the temperature is rising.



Hot to the point City Council Members aren’t returning calls or responding to emails, which in my opinion isn’t a very good idea since the reality is that they have never received the true story and one would think they should be the folks wanting to get at the truth and out front on this.


And just so my readers are up to speed prior to my story once I get the public records, as well as to bring CC up to speed, I am providing the Use of Force Report which corresponds to the IA Case initiated against McMurtrey after the fact. Once the documents are released from my PRR and I make them public, some of you might wonder if the decision in this case should be revisited? The reference to the subject being handcuffed or not seems a bit ambiguous.




One answer to the question posed is “FACE-UP AND FESS-UP”!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO WHEN THE HEAT IS ON????

  1. Of course city clowncil members aren’t taking your calls. If they take citizens’ calls, they MIGHT be asked to DO something. And they can’t have that! Clowncil has its own agenda and it doesn’t involve getting their hands dirty over IAs on alleged bad cop behavior.

    Hell, the clowncil can’t even get an org chart out of the SPD. We can’t REALLY expect them to “DO” anything about allegations of misconduct under color of law, can we?

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