As we have seen recently favorable Body Camera Video depicting an SPD Officer doing a very good job as Probationer Tim Schwering and a Neighbor did in this case are quickly provided to the media and sometimes result in nice human interest stories in the Mainstream Media.


In the case of the Schwering story SPD wanted the favorable video footage available to the Public ASAP.




There is nothing wrong with that of course and it is great for SPD to have favorable stories out there as much as possible in order to try to gain the Community’s respect, and WE pay Public Information Officers the big bucks to get the truth out to the Press and subsequently the Public.


But what happens when the Body Camera Video is a nightmare adversely affecting SPD’s image especially in light of questions surrounding SPD’s treatment of Minorities?


This update to my previous story should give you an idea that it ain’t no Cakewalk trying to come up with anything that might look adverse for SPD or the City of Spokane.


The is Ms. Laurie Farnsworth’s required five-day response to my PRR.




I’m pretty use to receiving a five-day response like the one above so here is my response to Ms. Farnsworth.





And This.




As you can see the good stuff always gets out there fast the bad stuff must be dug up and there is always a battle to get it.





  1. Just did a post based on your post but with no support for Schwering…a difficult undertaking so let me know if anything I did is unacceptable toyou and I’ll make any necessary changes : ) I believe that the moreexposure… the better. Scott


      1. Oh contraire. Bad news is what the media thrives on. The more dramatic and horrible, the more and faster they grab it. Good news is something hard to find as it does not sell newspapers.

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          1. It would take investigative reporting, digging, an investment of time. Curley goes for the easy shot now (and admits it in one of his ads) all Zags all the time, and lots of AP stuff, then backfill with expanded CDA gossip (Hucklesberries) and rotating “columnists” (Vestal, Sue, Clark…). Cowles Gang ain’t touching it and The Inlander doesn’t have the resources to do much, although in the past they have done a better job of digging than the SledShelia~Review has.

            Too bad there’s only one daily paper and one weekly paper here. That’s why we need The Buff! No one else is doing the fact based, substantiated and solid reporting on the city of Spokane and specifically the Spokane Police Department that you are doing. And it’s not as if our city *cough* leaders *cough* are doing their due diligence. Hell, city clowncil and city executive can’t even get an org chart for SPD, let alone dig into allegations of police misconduct.

            And so it goes…

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  2. Of course the “good” stuff gets out there post haste! PIOs must have a counter message at the ready, they must “massage the message, in order to catapult the propaganda”.

    And regarding officer McMurtrey? I remain shocked at the alleged conduct and very uneasy that he acted (as alleged) in front of a witness. Shows to me that he felt he could act with impunity, no matter what-even in front of a witness. Doesn’t speak well to the new chief’s departmental “culture”; but I do fear it speaks accurately.

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