And I have to be a little more guarded in my stories, I want my readers to take a look at his email sent by Teresa Sanders to Terri Pfister on October 21st, 2015 at 4:20 PM.

Sanders to Pfister 10 21 2015


The email was in response to Pfister’s request for any information that would have been responsive to MY Public Records Request as well as all of the PRRs submitted by other media organizations. We all now know that Sanders did not tell the truth in that Public Record. We also know that all of the records in her possession were NOT RELEASED several months after Condon’s re-election. As a result of Sander’s outright dishonesty regarding what she had in her possession the truth was hidden not only from me but all of the media outlets.


The first response I received to my PRR was on October 29th, 2015 eight days after Sanders sent this email to Pfister, and of course that response did not contain any of the records Sanders had in her possession, those of course were not released until months later after one hell of a lot of pressure to do so. I can’t speak directly at this point to what other media received in their responses from the City but I am sure not one of them received any of the responsive documents.


The question now is… “WHO if anyone is going to step up to the plate and take the City on as a result of the Condon Administrations illegal conduct?” I guess we will have to wait and see. Clearly everyone submitting a PRR has standing to pursue the matter in Court the only place in Spokane where there is the least bit of opportunity to get to the truth.




Big City Council decision today on Meidl, and whether or not the City Council will decide to allow the Condon Administration to continue the tactics employed above, or do the right thing… WE SHALL SEE!


Craig Meidl is of course getting more firsthand experience in the cause he cares about… “Politics”.

Meidl Linkedin 1

Meidl Linkedin 2


Perhaps Craig Meidl has aspirations of running for elected office some day???










  1. Notice the time stamp on the Sanders’ e-mail? 4:20 That could explain a lot of the on-going, never ending dysfunction and drama drama drama that permeates city hall ! They’re all baked out of their minds.

    I seriously wonder about what goes on with our city servants. Seriously.

    Keep after ’em Buff!😉


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