I received a really quick response to PRRs I submitted to obtain the IA Cases involving Mell and Lydia Taylor. Which would lead anyone to believe that there is something in the Mell and Lydia Taylor cases that the City of Spokane, and the Spokane Police Department don’t want me or the public to know anytime soon.


Keep in mind that back in April 2015, the same time the Cotton/Straub case was screwed up by the Mayor and Teresa Sanders the Mell and Lydia Taylor case was also going on. I have confirmation that back in April of 2015 other members of the media submitted PRRs and received redacted copies of the Lydia Taylor IA case.




In early October of 2014 the FBI investigation of Mell Taylor for receiving steroids, which was the result of a large scale DEA international conspiracy case became known and was reported in all the local press. Frank Straub who was unhappy with the media reporting held this press conference on 10/3/2014. As it turns out some of Straub’s statements in the press conference were untrue. The FBI sends their case to SPD and the Spokane County Prosecutor, Jack Driscoll decides not to charge. Some kind of deal is apparently struck and Mell Taylor escapes any real IA Investigation by SPD by retiring.



Approximately seven months later the results of the Lydia Taylor IA Investigation are out, reporters submit PRRs, and receive redacted copies of the IA Case.


The Lydia Taylor IA case is never posted on Director Tim Schwering’s IA website for some reason. SPD Brass recommend Taylor be fired because she is a “Brady Cop” but Straub and Mayor Condon decide to keep her on the job despite the fact she is now a “Brady Cop” (** Taylor is on the Spokane County Prosecutors “Brady List” under her maiden name “Pritchard”.

There were many good SPD Cops that were really PO that Condon and Straub retained a “Brady Cop”, who was considered one of Straub’s Golden People, along with her husband.


The stuff hits the fan, the Cotton/Straub issue finally hits daylight and complaints are made by Straub’s Senior Staff and the Union. Which included among other thing this:


* Unreasonable emotional outbursts

* Personal Attacks

* Threats regarding our employment and position

* Scare tactics

* Retaliation

* Degradation of character

* Demeaning and condescending treatment

* Profane and highly inappropriate language


* Misrepresentation of the Mayor, City Administrator, and others


Some SPD Cops make complaints about Monique Cotton’s veracity a key player in those complaints is of course Lydia Taylor to whom Cotton was accused of making a false report.

Lydia Taylor and Monique Cotton needless to say had a close working relationship.


Frank Straub, as we know, was asked to resign and joined the growing number of lawsuits against us.



Well there is some of the background, there is of course a lot more.






I did as Teresa Fuller directed me to do submit a PRR for the previously disseminated Lydia Taylor IA Case and here is what I received.

LF Taylor IA





Since Teresa Fuller as SPD PIO seems to not want give up any information and simply ignores my attempts at contact, I also requested her Job Description, and of course was NOT surprised to learn there isn’t one. I also learned that the PIO job at SPD is one of those infamous GP jobs that a Chief of police can award to anyone he wants, John Gately I believe had a similar one.

TP Job Description



***I hope to get another story out today that is related to this story and hopefully will answer a number of questions I have received regarding the City Council’s “Independent Investigation, so stay tuned.








10 thoughts on “SO IT IS A BIG SECRET…BUT WHY?

  1. “The FBI sends their case to SPD and the Spokane County Prosecutor, Jack Driscoll decides not to charge. Some kind of deal is apparently struck and Mell Taylor escapes any real IA Investigation by SPD by retiring”

    Demonstrating that nothing has changed in the SC Prosecutor’s office. My question is why did the Feds not pursue prosecution on their own rather than turning this over to SPD/Driscoll? Was this a Mike Ormsby decision?

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    1. SOP! FBI when they have bad cops in small cases where they really don’t want to get involved give it to the locals.

      The case I believe originated in Oregon and was handled by that US Attorney. But I think it was the local FBI Office that handled the investigation, it is kind of like the Moses and McIntyre situation the Feds, could have handled it but they don’t want to waste time and resources when the locals should take care of their own messes.

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      1. JMHO, but the phrase “bad cops in small cases” strikes me as an oxymoron. If the feds know in advance, which in this case they undoubtedly did, that the locals are just going to sweep it under the rug, they have no business turning it over no matter how small it is. They certainly had no problem prosecuting Martha Stewart for being too dumb to keep her mouth shut which seems a lot smaller than a case involving a druggie cop.

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