I wonder if she has one of these.





The Spokesman Review, of course, has not made the correction to Rachel Alexander’s story even though they know full well that Anne Kirkpatrick DOES NOT work for the FBI.




Why is it important for the Citizens of Spokane to know that Anne Kirkpatrick doesn’t work for the FBI, and actually only works for a private 501 (c) (3) not associated with the FBI? The answer is simple; it attaches credibility where none is deserved.

When you see a statement like this from Anne Kirkpatrick, unquestioned and with NO follow-up, or background you wonder what narrative is trying to be sold to the public.


“Spokane’s viewed as a career-killer and I think that’s unfortunate,” she said. Common concerns she hears include the city’s political climate and the perception that Spokane has a large number of police misconduct issues stemming from an entrenched department culture.



Spokane was a “career-killer” for Anne Kirkpatrick, and for one reason and one reason only she was inept as a leader and made well documented mistake after mistake. Those mistakes and her leadership “style” were not only costly to the Citizens of Spokane but also contributed heavily to the downward spiral of the SPD Culture, bring in an inept self-serving crony like Frank Straub and the downward spiral continues.


I have no idea why Rachel Alexander would not mention in her story that Anne Kirkpatrick is one of the people Condon’s “Police Leadership Advisory Committee” has asked to assist them in finding a new SPD Chief. Kirkpatrick was asked to help and agreed to do so (helps build the resume). So who recommended Kirkpatrick to the Committee? I have no idea at this point. Why did the Committee even ask her to help? I have NO idea. It is almost as bad as having Condon crony and Conservative ideologue Jim McDevitt, and his good friend and longtime associate Ken Hohenberg together on a committee…at least that is over with for the time being (more coming later).


Yes, Spokane was a “career-killer” for Anne Kirkpatrick and rightfully so. Here are the facts regarding “Lie You Die” Anne Kirkpatrick. While she was Spokane’s Chief of Police instead of focusing on the problems with SPD, she was trying to find a job with a bigger Department using Spokane as a stepping stone. Just one of the places that has been made public she tried for was Seattle… like other cities they didn’t want her.


The only Cop Job Kirkpatrick was able to come up with after she left Spokane was a political appointment by King County Sheriff John Urquhart as his Chief Deputy. She only lasted there 18 months when a whole bunch of stuff started hitting the fan including this and a lot more;



I won’t get into the back story but here is the front story;





What I hope you notice is that the Seattle Times at least got it partially right about LEEDA, and I won’t go into another rant about the reason LEEDA decided to have FBI precede their name, but keep in mind many of the people employed by LEEDA are “tweener” previous law enforcement administrators looking for jobs, like Anne Kirkpatrick is.


Here is a Spokesman Review story from back on June 27th, 2014 that also got it partially right after mostly coping the Seattle Times Story;


“FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Association”




So what is Anne Kirkpatrick really doing these days while working at LEEDA?

She is still looking for a Chief of Police job somewhere!





You may not be aware, but during the original formation of the “Police Leadership Advisory Committee” the City Council members involved were offered suggestions for people that would be good fits, and of course I threw in my choices neither of which were placed on the actual Committee but are on a list of people who have been asked to help find a new SPD Chief and would be by far the most helpful. Let me assure you my picks did not include McDevitt, his friend Hohenberg, or Anne Kirkpatrick, some folks might think I’m a “confused Jeremiah”, but I sure as hell not that “confused”, obviously someone else is though.


As Always, here is the TRUTH! Being the Chief of the Spokane Police Department IS NOT a “career-killer” the job is in fact a “CAREER BUILDER” for the right person and despite what Kirkpatrick and others might want you to believe there are plenty of candidates out there that know that is the truth. The problem we as Citizens have is the final decision for who that person is lies with someone who will not under any circumstances chose someone right for the City but only someone right for HIM.










  1. from secondcity.blogspot.com: C’mon Now…Really?
    Does anyone ever take these so-called “Ethics Tests”?

    And do they ever read anything about hiring practices? Because this sounds like a bad joke, but all too believable:
    Anonymous said…Speaking of money in the budget, Chief Anne Kirkpatrick has hired her girlfriend from Seattle as her deputy. This is not a joke.
    After Kirkpatrick got knocked out of the running for Supe, there were a bunch of rumors about some sort of EEOC lawsuit being filed and Rahm hiring her to keep her quiet. What would have been the basis for that – Rahm making promises caught on tape?

    Based on her shoddy performance in other jurisdictions and her costing the taxpayers at least a million in one lawsuit, we wouldn’t expect her to be hired in any legit type of job with actual oversight and an expectation of professionalism….which of course, made her a perfect fit for Rahm’s Chicago.

    This would just be icing on the cake though.
    Labels: rumors

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  2. Slip?
    Slip sliding away…the nearer your destination the more you’re slip sliding away.
    Or so says some old hippy folk rock singers.

    The Sled~Review enables the truth to slip slide away, that’s for sure; especially where the Boy Blunder is concerned. It’s gonna be a long second term for us citizens and a costly one too!

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  3. A Boomerang Boo?
    Why can’t we be rid of losers like Kirkpatrick and the taint they carry?
    She was a huge disappointment as chief. And now, she eggs on the Boy Blunder from the sidelines, to reach even loftier heights of idiocy?
    Good grief!

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