Kip Hill of the Spokesman Review wrote this story on February 15th, 2016 which I found interesting for a number of reasons, including the issues that have come up with Robert Delao, a longtime local Spokane Hood, and the text messages between Delao and Detective Burbridge which of course should have been part of the original discovery given to the Defense.


Kip Hill has been reporting on the Carlile Murder Case from day one and he and I have gone back and forth in emails regarding a few things including his release of secret Special Inquiry Judge information to the Public. What I wonder about the text messages between Delao and Burbridge since apparently they go back to January of 2014 is if they had anything to do with the Special Inquiry Judge Proceeding. I would assume all of the information obtained in that Proceeding was provided to the Defense in Discovery but Hill’s story makes me wonder.






Here it is, whether he followed up on it or not we don’t know and perhaps he didn’t because he didn’t feel the source was credible:



Delao in Sept 3 2015 story


Robert Delao Kip Hill




You might have noticed from the screenshots that the comments were made in another of Hill’s stories linked below back on September 3rd, 2015, and also that all of the comments on that story have since been deleted, which if you check you will find isn’t normally the case with SR stories.




You will also notice that in my comment to that story I linked and old case that the SR investigated back in the day when they actually did Investigative Reporting.



The question I would have is whether or not when Burns provided the information to SPD was a Cold Case Investigation conducted, and what were the results? Now…I also kind of wonder whether or not that information was provided to the Defense.


Most Investigative Reporters know that when you have a conspiracy murder case where the prosecution witnesses are crooks that rolled for deals the defense is going after the Government’s witnesses, so if it is your story and you get something you want to pay attention.

A lot of folks think the Henrickson murder case is dead bang. As for me I don’t think it is as easy as some folks think, a lot may depend on whether or not the Jury believes the bad guys that rolled, and how much evidence the Government has to corroborate the roll.







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