Interesting developments in the Carlile Murder Case.



Detective Burbridge didn’t turn over the text messages between he and Delao to anyone until the US Marshalls advised him he had to. Mark Vovos got what he wanted, a subpoena for the phone records, I’m not so sure that isn’t what he really wanted in the first place instead of a mistrial, I’m sure he reserved on the mistrial issue. As for me since I don’t have subpoena power (the City Council does), I have to play the PRR games.

The Carlile Murder Conspiracy case is interesting. Most people have probably forgotten that it started out as a State Case utilizing a secret Special Inquiry Judge Proceeding where the Cops and Prosecutors obtained their evidence. As I have mentioned a number of times it looks like they had some problems with the SIJ. What was interesting today for me was that during Burbridge’s testimony he said that the County Prosecutors had their nose bent out of shape once the Feds took over…Now who could have ever predicted that especially when you consider the very public riff between Assistant U.S. Attorney Aine Ahmed and Larry Haskell over Haskell’s wife’s public comments about Muslims…but this is Spokane a place made to provide great material for writers so it only makes sense.

Some of you folks might remember Burbridge is the Detective that told the Feds to “Go Pound Sand” when they were investigating the Karl Thompson case. He also destroyed his notes regarding the Thompson case which I always found odd.


I wonder if I can get Mark Vovos to get a subpoena for all the text messages I’m waiting for from my Cotton/Straub PRR…he owes me a couple!



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