Even the most strident SPD supporters have to shake their heads at this one.

Here is a link to my previous story regarding the infamous suddenly appearing “Notes”, remember I pointed out that any investigative reporter has to check the properties in the documents they receive from PRR responses to try and determine when the document was created.

Well here you go:


So after you determine that there is a darn good chance these so called “Notes” were created recently rather than contemporaneous to the time all the various alleged naughty stuff was going on, the obvious next step is to determine if there ever were any notes (I’ve made some clients in my past life very happy when I discovered the truth about notes and what may or may not have happened to them.).

So what is the next step for the average investigative reporter… the image below shows you:


Me to TP re notes




Now here is one thing to understand…all of what I have done and more would have been done by Mary Schultz or her Investigator prior to depositions and it appears like some cops may have some heavy explaining to do under oath. Notes have long been an issue with SPD…for some reason one second they are there the next second…they were destroyed…but that is a story for another day.


So what did I get from Teri Pfister? Exactly what I anticipated getting…nothing!

TP to Me notes




Here is the Deshais “Notes” story notice Schultz’s statement. It sure makes one wonder if someone got used.


Mary Schultz, Straub’s attorney, dismissed the notes as sour grapes.

“Lt. Walker’s personal log is a yearlong ‘mean girls’ diary. Whenever it was created, it certainly supports Frank Straub’s impression of him – and does so long before we get anywhere near any deposition phase,” Schultz said, referring to a likely lawsuit from Straub.


Deshais PRR







  1. So I am curious.. What date would appear in the document properties if the city clerk’s office converted whatever notes that were submitted into a pdf ?

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    1. I hope I explained that properly. Another way you might see what I’m talking about is if you have Word and a service for conversion type up a word document then convert it to pdf once you have converted it to pdf the date you created the Word document and your name…if your Word was set up with your name… will appear in the pdf properties. In the case of the notes they used Word 2010…does that help?

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          1. True; appear to be and are, two different things. Loved Schultz’s comment regarding Dear Diary, btw.

            I do not think Straub is totally innocent in this entire fluster cuck but I do think he has grounds for his lawsuit; boy mayor blew it on both ends of that hiring decision, hiring and firing. And for that, we will pay pay pay.


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