That this story would likely be published in the SR today or tomorrow so I kind of got ready.



Rule number one for any investigative reporter is don’t ever believe what politicians, bureaucrates, or law enforcement tell you, know the answers before you ask the questions and do your homework. Hell yes the cops had a concern about the safety at the Intermodel Center, but that concern wasn’t just for their safety it was also for the people coming there to contact them. Sould they have had a concern…damn rights they should have. This image shows the change orders to the precinct construction at the Intermodal Center. In the lower left hand corner you will see a notation of a minus (32,801,05) Changes per Chief. So the question is… did a Chief decide that Alum Ballistic Doors and Windows weren’t needed? Well if that is the case D. R. Scott Construction would know. They would also know who approved the change orders.

Change Orders




You may find in reading the links below that Furniture-Gate may end up costing us more than the Intermodal did in the beginning.













4 thoughts on “I WAS TIPPED!!!

  1. I’m with Anon, cussing all the way.

    Had to chuckle at your title though. Made me think of those wayward waifs, back in the day, that “tipped” cows and that produced a funny visual in my mind’s eye…lol…of youths sneaking up on you and tipping you. Weird, huh?

    I’ve been too busy with other stuff to digest all of your recent articles and links fully but looking forward to catching up on some of the finer details in a few days. Thanks for your digging and dogged determination. And most of all, thanks for sharing the information with your readers.

    You report, we decide and cuss and laugh and cry and cuss some more…

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    1. I know there is a lot to digest but among other things I think you will find that SPD’s focus since Straub arrived hasn’t been on protecting us, rather getting money through forfeiture cases. It is too bad SR reporters don’t bother to read the documents they receive and report on them if they did folks wouldn’t be so in the dark…but maybe that is what the SR wants?


      1. Nothing like the goose that lays the golden eggs is there?
        honk honk honk honk honk

        The Sled~Review crafts the narrative they want to promote, often omitting relevant facts to write the version of the event they want. Oh, and in their defense, it also is a full time job babysitting crybaby Slednek so they have to devote round the clock mods to ensure no one posts anything that Slednek finds objectionable. They have their priorities!

        Hey, as far as Straub and money are concerned…look to his past to help predict the future. He had similar issues in Indianapolis. Only here, he will be getting a nice multi-million dollar payday as a parting gift from the citizens of Spokane. Since the mayor couldn’t be bothered to properly vet his bromance dude Straub, he put citizens in a precarious spot both with the failure to properly address crime and with the liability of an unhinged city department head running amok.

        And now, Condon has made another poor hiring decision for the head of the SPD. Appointing a temp political crony with zero experience in police work.

        Sounds familiar…

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