Well I’m not! It is all about who you know around here or who you have the dirt on.


For those of you that don’t remember John Hancock is the former Executive Director of the Spokane Symphony who left Spokane to take a job with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and has since returned to good old Spokane.



I’m not quite sure where Mr. Hancock picked up his consulting expertize when it comes to the selection of Police Chiefs, but it must have been somewhere between Milwaukee and Spokane.










3 thoughts on “So…YOU THINK I’M KIDDING?

  1. Did you try any of the links on the Deep Creek website? Every one gives “404 (Page Not Found) Error”, undoubtedly meaning there is no content yet uploaded to those pages.

    My wife knows John Hancock and when I told her what he had a contract for I thought she was going to sh*t herself. The guy obviously knows nothing about what he’s supposed to consult on. I particularly liked some of his bio:

    ” Currently he’s an Eagle Scout, a Rotarian, a liberal libertarian of an Iowa small-town self-sufficiency and was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. A childhood Methodist, he now instead pursues ideas of commonality among religions and philosophies. Volunteerism in civic, political and social services work draws him to town from his forest home outside Spokane. Since 2006, his Deep Creek Consulting has aided non-profit organizations in grantwriting and strengthbuilding.”

    He’s Project Chair for Downtown Rotary 21 and does good work there but nothing in his background qualifies him for this contract.

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      1. Since consulting contracts are being passed out so freely, I’d like one too please!
        A nice large one! 500K sounds fair to me.

        The more I know about how this city really works, the more I realize that my long held suspicions are right. It is all an act. A play. People pretending to be professionals and acting like grown ups. A facade, a set on an otherwise empty stage. It is all fake. Every single bit of it. Playacting at its worst and most costly. Greed run amok.

        And none of those bastards gives a damn! At least as long as they and theirs are taken care of; us and ours can go eff ourselves, obviously. We are supposed to shut up and continue to pay all the bills.

        Now, excuse me. I need to go take a shower; I feel so used.

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